Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday stamping: Stamping with another technique

This Sunday stamping challenge is stamping used with another technique, well I always thought stamping is a technique I will never be able to master. And I still don't but I am getting there. The other technique I never could master was anything using sticky tape to make special panels. I either destroyed the base or the lines didn't come out crisp ... So I decided to combine them in one mani and the result is Epic <3

I had this Models own Turquoise gloss left over when I was swatching it and it made the perfect base. The stamps are made with Konad white and Essence stamp me!black, the plates are QA24 and BM16.
It's done so fast and so easy I will be doing all my stamping like this from now on :) 


Friday, March 28, 2014

MoYou London Rockstar 01 review

Today I will review for you my dream plate! It's MoYou London Rockstar Collection 01 stamping plate. When I first saw their products this was the plate I fell in love with and since then I never stopped stalking MoYou London. Here are my dream Rockstar manis :)

My favorite pattern are these flames! The look so rock n' roll to me! For the base I used China glaze Electrify and Essence Gold fever. For stamping I used Essence stamp me!black. The plates are very easy to use, the etchings are perfect with just the right depth and all the stamps come out very crisp. The flames are a bit to wide for my nails *but I have very small nail beds* so I stamped the coolest part of the flames :)

I hope you like this look - these are my dream nails that I had in my mind for quite some time <3

Here is a mani I call 'What you need to make a rockstar' :) I used the guitar, big speaker, leather jacket and skull tattoo pattern. All stamped with Star gazer 232 over China glaze Bump in the night. The black base is a very 'though guy' type of polish which I think fits the theme. Here you can see how amazing these plates are since, the patterns are still very clear even when you stamp them over a textured base :)

I want to thank MoYou London to make my dreams come true! This plate is relay amazing and it works great. So head on over to their SHOP and get some of your own plates to make your nail dream come true :)


Thursday, March 27, 2014

TNCC#4: Blue peacock

I am a big neon dark blue nail polish hoarder and my new addition is Barry M Blue grape. I adore this gelly formula because it is beyond shiny! Over it I added some Born pretty store water decals. I also made some dots in the middle of the feathers to give it some color - with Barry M Guava and Essence stamp me! Black. 

I think these are some of my favorite nails ever! <3


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Catrice Haute Future - Gem into the future swatch

I was so excited when I saw the Catrice Haute Future LE promos. Now that Catrice finally mastered the holos! But then I saw the swatches on some German blogs and the disappointments started. So thanks to Miss Hysteria I got my 3 top favorites. The eyeliner and lipstick will be swatched later but the polish swatches are up below :)

This is Gem into the Future. It's a scattered silver holo with iridescent blue flakes. The idea is amazing! What is cooler than holos and cellophane particles - well that's all their is ... an idea. The holo is amazingly opaque and demure but the blue flakes are gone once you apply the polish. They are so camera shy I hardly managed to capture them inside the bottle shots. But still a girl can never have enough holos :) This is one thick coat with no top coat. 

In the next 2 pictures you can see the flakies inside the bottle - so pretty - but so shy :( 

So any ideas how to lure out the pretty flakies for the camera?


Models own swatches

Models own is a great polish brand but it's a bit pricey for a girl who lives off Essence and Catrice. But from time to time something catches my eye and I just have to snatch some. Thankfully a local online store sells them :)

The speckled effect is currently everywhere and I own only a few of these polishes from different brands. But none of them had a yellow polish and I just had to get the Models own Goose. It's a cold pastel yellow jelly base, that is not as sheer as I expected. No fishing for glitter was required. Here are 2 coats of it over 2 coats of China glaze Lemon fizz. No top coat was used here and they are still this shiny :) 

 I love these promo pictures <3

The Hyper gel promos are cute too :)

I have been on a hunt for a perfect neon turquoise polish and now I finally found it! This is Models own Turquoise gloss from the Hyper gel collection. It's opaque in 1 thick coat and the application is super easy thou the formula is a lot more thick then the Speckled egg one! Also I was surprised by the very fast drying time. The shine is also amazing, on the swatch pictures there is no top coat. It relay is a dream neon! <3

So if you are from Slovenia be sure to stop by for your own Models own polishes :)
Thanks for stopping by :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Essence Be berry now! and Roller coaster swatches

A while back Essence renewed their products with the Spring/Summer line. And from the polishes these 2 cought my eye since I don't have anything like that in my collection :)

 Roller coaster is a dark cold green with a very subtle light green shimmer. The shimmer is a bit stronger in the bottle then on the nails. Here are 2 coats with not top coat. This time I think Essence re-vamped their formula a bit because the colors are a lot more shiny. 

 This is Be berry now! it's a very special color, that is kind off hard to describe. It's a mix of fuchsia, dark red and burgundy. It looks different under every light, but always amazing. The formula is a nice creme jelly, the application was easy. Here are 2 coats and no top coat.

I love these new bold colors by Essence and for the price you get some great quality and variety.
Do you like any of the colors?


Monday, March 24, 2014

Essence Limited edition polish review

Right now our stores feature 2 different LE's by Essence. I must admit they are both quite underwhelming so I only got 1 polish from each and here are the swatches :)

This is A cookie saved my life from the Cookies & Cream LE. It's the darkest color of the bunch. Most of the collection consists of colors like this. They are a bit metallic and shimmery nudes. This is a dark brown-taupe thing with silver shimmer inside. It's a bit streaky but I don't mind. Here are 2 coats with no top coat.
With the polish you also get some nail stickers, but the quality is relay poor *very blurry images* so I didn't bother with them for the swatch :)

Gotta love the promo pictures for each Essence LE <3

This is Lovely lavender from the Bloom me up! LE. Again the colors weren't special but I am a big sucker for anything with lace so I just had to pick one up. It is a light lilac with a subtle silver shimmer that took some magic to capture. It's a cute trendy spring color. Here are 2 coats with no top coat.

I was not very impressed with these 2 collections, but I know that means that the good stuff is coming because Essence does not disappoint with LE's :)

Thanks for stopping by <3

Top 5 glitter polishes

I am a big stalker of all kinds of German blogs and I saw this 5 top polishes tag and I just had to join in. Nobody so far did a top 5 Glitter polishes - so here are my top 5 glitters. Some are indies, some mainstream brands from Europe and USA :)

I love glitters over any type of polish since that they make everything pop and they make the base polish last longer! Currently I am obsessed with shape glitter of all kinds - so this is where the indies come in. At the same time I am a big sucker for shard glitters and even classic multi sized hex glitters :)

My choices are (from L to R):
1. Sation - Men-ipulation: Clear base with white matte hex glitters and multi sized black matte pieces.
2. L.A. Girl - Jostle: One of my 1st glitter polishes featuring my favorite color - dark blue. It's a clear base polish with 2 sized hex dark blue glitters.
3. Essence - Steel-ing the Scene: A clear base with yellow-gold shard glitters. Hooray for Essence getting on the trendy glitter band wagon :)
4. Emily De Molly - Abstract Canvas: An amazing mix of all color small hex glitters, paired with big black dot and hex glitters <3
5. Black cat lacquer - Dead men tell no tales: Got it for the name and the skull glitters. Keept it because it's a mix or red, black and white glitters of all shapes and sizes.

Do you have a top 5 polishes?
At the same time I am tagging everyone who was the time and a quick list to do this challenge :)


Sunday, March 23, 2014

LoL mani: Vel'Koz the Eye of the Void #HePicksMyPolish

I found this amazing FB group that is currently doing the #HePicksMyPolish challenge and it sounded so fun I just had to join! I choose my BF to be the 'he'. But since we don't live together some magic was required. We both play the game League of Legends and he knows that I made a few nail looks inspired by the game. So he could choose any of the pictures in my LoL picture vault. And he choose the Vel'Koz nails and said he chose them because 'He saw them in person and they where awesome!' <3 How cute is he? :)

Vel'Koz is the latest addition to the LoL roster and to me he looks like Saurons eye from LOTR if he was domesticated by Barbie :)
 He is a lot of fun to play - a 'glass canon' champion - meaning he is very strong but has very little defence. Who cares thou since you can just run around and shoot lasers at everyone.

Vel'Koz Eye of the Void

I wanted to make a look similar to my SAURON NAILS but purple. So as base I used Tevez 01 and made the holo rays with Color club Wild at heart and Eternal beauty. The eye is made with Chic I'll break your heart. And on the pinkie I used Emily De Molly Cosmic forces, where I fished out 3 huge dot glitters that remind me of his extra eyes and stamped over them with Color club Harp on it and QA4.

I like this look but it's very camera shy - in real life it was a bit more pinkish :)

Here are my favorite quotes by him in game:
'Tears appear to serve no function'
'I must know more'
'Creature seeks it's maternal unit'

And to get you a bit more in the mood - here is his promotional clip :)

Krede za lase review - Green Bay

This is my review of the hair chalk called Green bay from the Slovenian page I am in love with this color! I feel like an anime character - because my hair was the most amazing neon turquoise color. Under different light they look more or less neon. The application was easy and it took 2 washing of my hair to get it all out. 

Tu je moja ocena krede za lase imenovana Green Bay iz Slovenske strani Zaljubljena sem v to barvo! Počutim se kot lik iz Japonskih animijev - ker so moji lasje neon turkizne barve. Pod razliličnimni lučmi lasje izgledajo različnih odtenkov. Nanos je bil preprost in potrebni sta bili 2 pranji las, da je barva popolnoma izginila.

So if you are from Slovenia head on over to and get your own neon hair color :)

Tako, da če si želite svojo neon barvo za lase se oglasite na


Friday, March 21, 2014

Tri polish challenge: Green, blue and purple day#3

Poor China Glaze There's snow one like you got so many haters out there ... But I am a big sucker for freaky polishes and in this one I saw so many possibilities. And since it's still a normal white polish it's perfect for being a stamping base. I used pueen48 and Chic Dark and handsome, Essence Absolute blue and Deep sea, baby. And the result is amazing! The stamp has a lot of swirls and they fit perfectly on the bumpy surface.

Do you like the effect? Did this look change your mind about China Glaze There's snow one like you? :)

This is it for this month. See you next month (hopefully) :)

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