Thursday, February 27, 2014

TNCC: Summer - Arabian night

This month I didn't have the time to participate in the TNCC challenge. The theme was summer, don't get me wrong I miss the hot temperatures as the next girl since the winter was so bitter here, but I know there will be plenty of time to make summer nails during the actual summer :)

But the other day I got this amazing Catrice Chromeo & Julie from the recent Luxury lacquers LE. It is the most amazing duo chrome that ranges from gold, bronze to red. And the colors reminded me of an Arabic theme so I added some MJ XIV stamps that have Arabic script in it. The stamps are done with Kiko Gold.

I must admit I love these nails! The duo chrome effect is amazing! Nice work Catrice <3 Since they have a tendency to say they will release a polish with a special finish like holo or duo chrome but it just ends up a normal glitter or shimmer finish :) I am glad you finally check out a polish dictionary :) Can't wait to see what will you come up with next!

P.S.: Sorry for the weird lighting on the picture but the chrome was very hard to capture :)

Did you got anything from this LE?



  1. I think I'll skip this LE - I wanted to get some of the sands, but I don't think the colors are my cup of tea....

  2. Love the base color you used here!

  3. I see that Catrice is a European brand, any sites sell this polish that ship to the US? That multichrome is amazing! It looks like a sunset! Must have!

  4. OOOooooohhhhh That is so pretty!!! ^_^

  5. That duochrome is beautiful <3 It really is like a summer sunset


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