Friday, February 28, 2014

The Lacquer Legion - Adoration: Duck Dynasty

Recently I got a bit of the blues and I wanted something to pick me up and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with the show Duck Dynasty. I ADORE THIS SHOW! Can you say INSTANT LOVE!!! I never thought I would like a reality show that has no drama and bearded guys with long hair *a bunch of my pet peeves*

But yeah ... the show picked me up and all my friends have been hearing about it so I decided to bother my cyber buddies with my current love also :)

For this look I used Barry M Key lime as base. Over it I stamped with Essence The green & the grunge and Catrice Holo in one with BM416 to make a faux camo look. Over it I stamped with BM424 to make the swap flowers effect. The accent finger has a though bearded guy stamp done with Essence stamp me! Black and MoYou London Biker 02

Gahh I love the accent finger! So though looking <3

A random funny quote :)

Here is the Opening theme of the show <3

So this is my part of the Lacquer legion Adoration challenge :)
  My motto is: 'If you love something put it on your nails' :)



  1. great mani

  2. These are fun! Great idea for the theme :)

  3. i can't believe you like duck dynasty...i'm a little bit disappointed ;)

    1. I am sorry to hear that - I know the show has a few issues but I don't judge :)

  4. Great don't know that show. But love the mani. Do you like the holo's from that collection? They should be released here in March.

    1. They are all great one coaters of a more pastel nature :)


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