Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday stamping: Plate ending with 2

This weeks challenge is use a plate ending with 2 - I used my new MoYou London Biker collection 02. I love it because it has such tough girl images on! For the base I used Catrice Hugo moss and over it I added 2 layers of Maybelline Polka dots 200. The stamps are all done with the same plate and the polishes I used are Stargazer no.232 and Kiko Emerald
I thought I will like this mani more since it's made of a bunch of stuff I like - but I dunno :( Maybe next time, because I am realising more and more that most metallics don't look good to me when they stamp :(

And here are some 'old vault swatches' of Maybelline Polka dots 200. I did it with 3 layers and the depth is amazing! I think it looks cooler then on the top picture where I used Catrice Hugo moss as base :)



  1. That is really cool. Love that polka dot polish. I wish the ones I picked up had been that opaque. lol

  2. Great stamping! Love that base color too :)


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