Friday, February 21, 2014

Nail art a go-go challenge:Art history: Snow day

I did this look I call snow day in the 60ies! The base pattern reminds me so much of the old wallpaper found in any 60ies house. It's made with Essence Grey-headed lovebird as base, stamps are done with Pueen48 and Essence stamp me!black.
Then I added Etude house Sea waves on top to make it seem like snow. When it all comes together to me it looks like a snow day in the 60ies :)

What does it remind you off? I hope you like it :)

Here is the picture before the snow. So you can see the 60ies wallpaper pattern :)



  1. I love the whole mani, but I really, really like that bright blue and white glitter!

  2. The glitter really made the mani so wintery! Love it :)

  3. did you notice that this mani matches your blog header? :)


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