Monday, February 17, 2014

Nail art a go-go challenge:Art history: Sci-fi

I always choose fantasy over sci-fi but when I got my hands on this Essence Power girl polish I thought to myself that this duo-chrome color would be perfect for a futuristic movie costume!
And that was the inspiration for this part of the challenge. I wanted to make a look that would pass as a pattern that you could find on a sci-fi outfit :)

The base on them all is Essence LE Power girl and the stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black or Color club Beyond on the accent finger. The plate I used was Pueen20.

Get ready for a photo spam because we all know how hard a duo-chrome polish is to capture in all it's glory:)

I love this look - thou I do regret making the accent finger because the holo clashes with the chrome. So for future reference holos and duo-chromes don't mix :)



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