Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nail art a go-go challenge: Color theory - Primary

Hmm Primary colors - I love only 1 of them and it's not red :) But I got this amazing Femme Fatale Mana ruby and it's 2 primary colors for the price of 1. It's a red sheer jelly base with multiple sized red hex glitters with dark blue iridescent type hex glitters. I am in love with the polish! Since it's so sheer as base I used Essence Kiss of the mermaid

This red is such a naughty color I had to multiply it with stamps layering with Color club Beyond, Essence stamp me! black, BM305 and m70.  

I love how the stamps made the entire look a lot darker. When the light hits the holo and the iridescent dark blue hex glitters these nails are AMAZING! Can I say Valentines mani candidate? :)

Here is a simple swatch of Femme fatale Mana ruby. I love this polish because the name fits perfectly. In games mana is always blue and well rubies are always red :) Having a bit of a g33k moment here ;)



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