Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LoL mani: Kha'Zix the Voidreaver

Kha'Zix is League of legends champion that is a 'space bug' that during the game you have to evolve as you progress. You can choose what you evolve and that attack will become stronger. It's fun - but if you are a n00bcake player like me it gets a bit overwhelming :) Since he is crazy organic they made a skin of him as a robot. It reminded me so much of transformers I had to use the QA4 stamping plate with the Decepticon face - so similar! :)

I wanted to make the wings his using in flight with Color club Cosmic fate as base and stamped over it with Kiko Gold, Barry M Passion fruit, BM422 and BM21. The face part was done with Catrice Back to black as base. The stamp is done with QA4 and Barry M Silver foil. I did the eyes with Barry M Passion fruit and Gold foil. The pinkie has some hand painted spikes just like the ones on his shoulders. The base is Catrice Back to black and Color club Diamond drops.  

Mecha Kha'Zix 
I love how this turned out! And I just love it when you find a stamp that fits the theme you are making :) 

My favorite Kha'Zix in game quote:
''I ate an optimist once, but I couldn't keep him down''



  1. That does kind of look like a transformer. lol Great mani!!

  2. I wish I had known about stamping before so I could have gotten the QA4 stamping plate before it was changed because I love transformers and want that plate so dearly but I can no longer get it anywhere :(


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