Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day

I love love! I am in a relay long relationship and after almost 10 years it's finally perfect! OMG How cheesy is that? So YEAH I love Valentine's day - and we are not even together today. Usually that would make me spiral and depressed but I am fine - and happy :) So I did these uber classic Valentine's day nails. So all you anti-V-day readers feel free to skip this post :)

For this look I used China glaze Surfin for boys and Missa Ruby to make a jelly sandwich. Then I stamped over it some of the nails with Kleancolor Metallic red and BM421. Then I did the little angels with Konad White and QA72

The best part it that this Missa Ruby is a scented polish that smells like strawberries <3 It only makes these nails even more tacky - but I love it :) Now I am the weirdo who is smelling her hands all the time ...

Extra big Cyber hug to all my followers <3 <3 <3



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