Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Essence Floral grunge hair dye powder

This hair dye powder was a part of the summer LE by Essence called Floral grunge. I was so excited to get this thing! I was my first hair color I used and by now I never have less than 2 colors in my hair :)
The product is meant to make gradient hair look and that is how I wore it.

The color is one of those undefinable colors that are a bit of pink, coral and orange. Inside the box there is a powder that is not very loose. And all you have to do is rub it on your hair. Since mine is blond not much was required for the color to hold on. The only problems is you have to be careful because this color gets everywhere, with a bit of hair spray you can control it a bit. :) But it all washes off easily. All the color was gone after 2 washings :)

The color looks different under every light just like the original powder :)

I am quite happy with this product. But the hair chalks are still more fun to work with and a bit easier.

Do you ever dye your hair with crazy colors?



  1. Looks like a nice product! Never tried them before but its a such a fun way to change up your hairstyle :)

  2. Looks lovely x

  3. GYAH! Sometimes I wish I was blonde. I picked this up from the display and it's been sitting right here by my computer since... I'm afraid it won't show up. >_>

  4. Barva ti odlično pristaja...srečnica, ker imaš blond laske. Na moje se na žalost ne bi nič prijelo :/
    Super za prihajajočo pomlad :)

    xoxo Nika


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