Friday, January 17, 2014

TNCC: Inspired by a tutorial week #1

I will knock out all of the parts of this challenge next week, because I decided to make very simple tutorials for you all. But for the 1st part I will do some nail art - no tutorial :)

It's the 1st tutorial I've ever seen - a how to gradient tutorial. I don't remember where I saw it - but it's been years back. The 2nd life changing tutorial was the how to stamp tutorial. I also can't remember where I saw it. So thank you all who ever put out any type of gradient or stamping tutorial :)

For my look I used Catrice Yellow sub-mandarin and Essence Hello Marshmallow for the gradient. The stamps are layers done with Essence The boy next door and Flamingo rose, with the plate BM20.

i LOVE this look <3 It makes me happy - because of the vibrant colors and the cute layered stars in the stamps. I dedicate it to all the awesome tutorials out there! :)



  1. this is a fun look to wear, and the color combination is really nice. the little stars and arrows are adorable.

  2. That has to be one of my absolute favorite stamping designs. ^_^

  3. Just too fun and what a beautiful base polish!

  4. I love that image!


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