Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TNCC: Advanced tutorial on how to apply glitter nail polish

Here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to make glitter polishes do your bidding :) We all have those different shaped glitter polishes that have the particles that just never end up where you want. This is a little cheat so that you glitters will always end up where you want :)

This is a fuzzy little bulls eye nail art I did with this technique :)

For this look you will need a base polish, different glitter polishes, a make up sponge and a brush, preferably a flat one.

Make sure that the base polish on your nails is completely dry. Then apply the glitter polish on your sponge. Wait a few seconds that a bit of the base gets absorbed. Then use the brush to catch as many glitters as possible on it. Apply them on the spot you want. But make sure that there is still a bit base in between the glitters or they won't come off the sponge. 

Do the same with all the other polishes and create any type of patterns you like :)

This is the finished result. But make sure that you apply a thick coat of top coat at the end. Because the glitters lost a lot of the base and they might stick out more then normal. 

I hope this helps to all you glitter-holics out there :)



  1. That is such a great idea!!! ^_^

  2. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is an awesome technique, I love the result, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Awesome idea! Thank you! (Also, the design is very cute too!)


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