Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday stamping: Inspired by fabric

Ahh Gareth Pugh my fashion spirit animal! He is the only fashion designer whos every runway shows I love! He usually works with only blacks, whites and grays. Also it seems like he manages to make amazing fabrics for every show and that was my inspiration for this Sunday stamping challenge.

I wanted to make something simple and all in black. So I used Color club Beyond as base and over it I stamped with Essence Stamp me! black and QA73. I live in the twilight zone as I said a lot of times before so the holones is a bit shy on the photos :)

Aww yeah and the entire post is spammed with my favorite Gareth Pugh designs that inspired this look :)

So do you have a fashion spirit animal?



  1. Awesome stamping! And those really are some fab designs! O_O

  2. Oh wow, he is one FIERCE designer! Your nails look fabulous, I can totally see the inspiration. I'm not sure I have a fashion spirit animal, I'm all over the place with what I love haha. But it must have a touch of sparkle :)

  3. I can definitely see the inspiration from the designs you showed. (I'll admit that I don't follow fashion so much so this is the first I've seen his work)

    In any case , I LOVE the way the black stamping looks over that Holo-ey goodness <3


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