Friday, January 31, 2014

My B-day nails

YAY! Today is my B-day! But I am no fan of cakes and currently I am in such a dark place I wanted to make something very happy, bright and representing something I love - OWLS! 

I used my favorite owl themed polish as base, called Alanna Renee Hedwig. Then I used MM14 plates with the pretty feathers over it, using Barry M Gold foil and Essence stamp me!black. I used a matte top coat to make ti all seem more wintery :)

So I am off sulking in a corner and feeling old :) But my nails are pretty ... so get ready for a picture spam <3



  1. Happy Birthday! Love the inspiration behind these!

  2. Happy b-day! The nails looks gorgeous!

  3. Happy Birthday! OMG You are not old. lol Love the feathers. ^_^


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