Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catrice Crushed crystals and Creme fresh swatches

YAY The new Catrice Crushed crystals are finally here! There is a big assortment featuring 6 colors. I choose only 3 since I think I have dupes for all the rest. But these looked unique and I picked them up, tho the price is a bit higher then the rest of the polish. They are a mix of textured and glitter polish. All of them dry matte, but since they are filled with shimmers and glitters they look very shiny :)

PLUMdog millionaire has a deep purple jelly base that is packed with blue, dark purple, violet and fuchsia micro glitters. This is 2 thick coats and no top coat.

Oyster & champagne has a sheer base, so it's more of a textured glitter top coat. It features dirty rose hex glitters of 2 sizes. But in it there is also a lot of micro gold shimmery glitter, that have flakie properties. This are 2 thick coats with no top coats.

Call me Princess that has a very sheer light neon pink base. It looks almost invisible. It features the same gold shimmery glitter as Oyster & champagne. But in there is also a bright neon pink glitters that give it the textured effect. This are 2 thick coats with no top coat. In real life it's a lot more neon - but my camera was not having it today :(

Note: I think this is a China glaze Wish upon a starfish dupe - only with a bit more shimmer :)

At the same time Creme fresh LE came in the stores and I had to pick one color just for the bottles :) I am a sucker for bottle art. The only dark color in the collection was gone so I got the next best thing :)

The Creme fresh promo <3

Make fast at Tiffany's is a cold pastel yellow. It has a silver tone inside that gives it a white type of shimmer. But I am quite happy with it since I was looking for a Essence Mellow yellow dupe and this polish will do. This are 2 thick coats and no top coat.

So these are all my swatches for today :) I got a few more polishes but they look a bit more unimpressive. But if you are interested please let me know and I will post them. 

Are you getting anything from the new line of Catrice products?



  1. Oyster & Champagne and Call Me Princess are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for posting this Gin! xoxox

  2. Love those texture looking ones!

  3. Samo Oyster & champagne me mika. :)

  4. I don't know if I must have them (especially looking at my still massive pile to go through) but those textures are really pretty. Especially Call Me Princess. Still waiting for head2toebeauty to get the new China Glazes. >_>

  5. Ooo hvala za swatche, točno te prve tri imam nagledane. Všeč so mi :). Najbolj ta pinki in vijola, aaaah.

  6. Ooh there so lovely!! Cant wait to have them here!


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