Friday, January 31, 2014

My B-day nails

YAY! Today is my B-day! But I am no fan of cakes and currently I am in such a dark place I wanted to make something very happy, bright and representing something I love - OWLS! 

I used my favorite owl themed polish as base, called Alanna Renee Hedwig. Then I used MM14 plates with the pretty feathers over it, using Barry M Gold foil and Essence stamp me!black. I used a matte top coat to make ti all seem more wintery :)

So I am off sulking in a corner and feeling old :) But my nails are pretty ... so get ready for a picture spam <3


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I finally reached 300 GFC followers and over 800 likes on my FB page!! Thank you all for the love :) Also my b-day is coming up soon! So it's time to givve back all the love you guys show me! So I decided to host a giveaway featuring my favorite brand Catrice! 

Rules n' stuff:
The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! 
There are 2 prices!
Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!
Must be over 18 to enter. All the items where purchased by me :)

Good luck!!! <3

Price no. 1:
Catrice  (Rocking royals):  Royal blood and Pink punk
Catrice (l' Afrique c'est chic): L'Orange and So classy 

Price no. 2
Catrice (l' Afrique c'est chic): Sunny side and Quel bleu turquoise
Catrice (Feathers and pearls): Roaring red and Golden twenties

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TPT: Week #3 Tiger mom nails

When I had the idea for this look in my head it look different ... But by now it looks like a pant suit that a tiger mom would wear :) I don't realy like it ...

For this mani I used: Yellow - Essence Mellow yellow, Orange - Color club Cosmic fate and Red - p2 Fever. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me! white and black. The plates I used are BM412, BM408 and BM406.

Tiger moms scare me thou :) And you?


Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday stamping: 3 purples

For this Sunday stamping the challenge was to use 3 purples. I recently got some amazing China glaze Neons from my swap buddy Lizzy. They are all super sheer and perfect to make some jelly sandwiches with glitter. 

For this look I used : China glaze Are you jelly?, for stamping Star gazer no. 235 and  BM420, the trapped glitters in the middle is Missha Amethyst. I wanted to do something sexy so I stamped a bunch of laces and corsets. In my head it should work - but in real life I didn't like it as much as I thought I would :(


Saturday, January 25, 2014

TNCC: Bunny tutorial

Bunnies are cute and fluffy, which makes the countless feather polishes that have been released perfect to use for this time of the year - when soon there will be an explosion of bunny themed nails everywhere since Easter is just around the corner :)

You need a random base polish and a base polish for the bunny. I chose white that is also in the fuzzy polish. You need a black polish for details, a doting tool and a thin detail brush.

Apply the base polish, then make a half moon on the tip of the nail. It has to be big enough to so the face will fit on it.

Now we play connect the dots. To ensure symmetry make 3 dots for each ear. 2 at the base and 1 at the top. Then just connect them and fill in the blanks. So now we have the base for the bunny.

Then paint the base with the fuzzy polish. At the end give the bunny a face. Make 2 big black dots and then 2 small ones inside for the eyes. With the detail brush make a small cross on the tip of the nail to finish the look. 

So this is a simple bunny look for the up coming spring nails :) I hope you like it - I am in love with how cute he is :)


Thursday, January 23, 2014


My dear readers!
We finally reached the 300 GFC followers and 700 FB likes! I am so happy and grateful for all your love! All of you make this so much fun and your comments and questions keep me going! Also my b-day is just around the corner - so it's time for a GIVEAWAY!

There will be 2 prices - all Limited edition polishes from my favorite brand! So stay close for more updates ... Here is just a sneak peak :)


Catrice Crushed crystals and Creme fresh swatches

YAY The new Catrice Crushed crystals are finally here! There is a big assortment featuring 6 colors. I choose only 3 since I think I have dupes for all the rest. But these looked unique and I picked them up, tho the price is a bit higher then the rest of the polish. They are a mix of textured and glitter polish. All of them dry matte, but since they are filled with shimmers and glitters they look very shiny :)

PLUMdog millionaire has a deep purple jelly base that is packed with blue, dark purple, violet and fuchsia micro glitters. This is 2 thick coats and no top coat.

Oyster & champagne has a sheer base, so it's more of a textured glitter top coat. It features dirty rose hex glitters of 2 sizes. But in it there is also a lot of micro gold shimmery glitter, that have flakie properties. This are 2 thick coats with no top coats.

Call me Princess that has a very sheer light neon pink base. It looks almost invisible. It features the same gold shimmery glitter as Oyster & champagne. But in there is also a bright neon pink glitters that give it the textured effect. This are 2 thick coats with no top coat. In real life it's a lot more neon - but my camera was not having it today :(

Note: I think this is a China glaze Wish upon a starfish dupe - only with a bit more shimmer :)

At the same time Creme fresh LE came in the stores and I had to pick one color just for the bottles :) I am a sucker for bottle art. The only dark color in the collection was gone so I got the next best thing :)

The Creme fresh promo <3

Make fast at Tiffany's is a cold pastel yellow. It has a silver tone inside that gives it a white type of shimmer. But I am quite happy with it since I was looking for a Essence Mellow yellow dupe and this polish will do. This are 2 thick coats and no top coat.

So these are all my swatches for today :) I got a few more polishes but they look a bit more unimpressive. But if you are interested please let me know and I will post them. 

Are you getting anything from the new line of Catrice products?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TNCC: Advanced tutorial on how to apply glitter nail polish

Here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to make glitter polishes do your bidding :) We all have those different shaped glitter polishes that have the particles that just never end up where you want. This is a little cheat so that you glitters will always end up where you want :)

This is a fuzzy little bulls eye nail art I did with this technique :)

For this look you will need a base polish, different glitter polishes, a make up sponge and a brush, preferably a flat one.

Make sure that the base polish on your nails is completely dry. Then apply the glitter polish on your sponge. Wait a few seconds that a bit of the base gets absorbed. Then use the brush to catch as many glitters as possible on it. Apply them on the spot you want. But make sure that there is still a bit base in between the glitters or they won't come off the sponge. 

Do the same with all the other polishes and create any type of patterns you like :)

This is the finished result. But make sure that you apply a thick coat of top coat at the end. Because the glitters lost a lot of the base and they might stick out more then normal. 

I hope this helps to all you glitter-holics out there :)


TNCC: How to glitter polish tutorial

We all have these amazing glitter polishes at home, that look so full and amazing in the bottle but when you try to apply them you can only get like 5 glitters on each nail. And then you try to apply more layers of glitters and the base gets smudged... But have no fear I have two simple tutorials coming for you that will make every glitter nails look like these here :)

These are some glittery nails that have all shapes and sized in the bottle but are very had to get on the nail. But with technique I will show you your nails will always come out looking like this :)

All you need for this look is a base polish and any kind of glitter polish. I used the Barry M Confetti for this look. And the most important part is a make up sponge

Apply the base polish on your nails. Then apply as many coats of glitter on the sponge. Until you are satisfied with the amount of glitters on the sponge. Make sure that the base polish is completely dry before putting on the glitters. Wait a few seconds so that the sponge soaks up most of the base that the glitter was in it. 
Then apply it to the nails as if you where making a gradient look. The glitters will transfer immediately to the nails. 

And that is all there is to it. Don't forget to apply a generous amount of top coat because the glitters where applied with a lot less base polish and they might stick out more then normal. 

Give it a try. And let me know how it went :)


Monday, January 20, 2014

TPT: Week #2 Yellow, Orange and Red

My 3 choices for this months Tri-polish challenge are: 
Yellow - Essence Mellow yellow
Orange - Color club Cosmic fate
Red - p2 Fever

For this look I used Catrice Black to the routes as base and made the dots with the 3 polishes. Then over it all I added a matte top coat. I got the idea for it from the amazing oooh! shinies

So how do you like it?


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday stamping: Inspired by fabric

Ahh Gareth Pugh my fashion spirit animal! He is the only fashion designer whos every runway shows I love! He usually works with only blacks, whites and grays. Also it seems like he manages to make amazing fabrics for every show and that was my inspiration for this Sunday stamping challenge.

I wanted to make something simple and all in black. So I used Color club Beyond as base and over it I stamped with Essence Stamp me! black and QA73. I live in the twilight zone as I said a lot of times before so the holones is a bit shy on the photos :)

Aww yeah and the entire post is spammed with my favorite Gareth Pugh designs that inspired this look :)

So do you have a fashion spirit animal?

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