Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday stamping Crumpet's winter challenge: New Years nails

I have seen a lot of New Years manis these days - and they are all very similar: glasses, fireworks, clocks, dates ... That's not for me :) I wanted to make some nails that scream party - specifically 80ies party!!! I am IN LOVE with this mani - it's something a 80ies yuppie party girl would wear for a New years celebration don't you think? <3

For this look I used the Wet n wild Darkest hour as base. Over it I added a layer of Golden rose Carnival no. 13 and 14. And over it all I stamped with Essence stamp me! white and BM402

Here is a picture of the nails before the stamps <3


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter (character) penguin nail art tutorial

What is Christmas without some cute little animals? I decided to make a penguin tutorial - and how is this different then the million others - he is a Gentleman penguin - check out the little festive bow tie :) Also he is made of glitter, perfect for the festive times. All the supplies you need for this look is available at the online store Top

Božič brez prisrčnih malih živalic je prazen kajne? Odločila sem se narediti navodila, kako narediti pingvina. Kako se ta razlikuje od ostalih podobnih navodil? Ta je Kavalir pingvin, ker nosi prazničnega metuljčka :) Poleg tega je narejen iz bleščic, kar ga naredi popolnega za praznični čas. Za vse lake, ki so uporabljeni tu, pa obiščite Slovensko stran Top

Here is a picture of the final design :)

Tu je slika končnega izdelka :)

For this look you will need: Black and white - I used the minis from L.A. Girl Polka dot set. 2 different green polishes for the scarf - I used L.A. Girl Teal dimension and Watermelon blast. Blue for the eyes - L.A. Girl Blue dimension, Red for the bow tie - L.A. Girl Sparkle ruby and Gold for the beak - L.A. Colors Seashell. Also you will need a doting tool with 2 sized ends.

Za take nohte potrebujete:  Črn in bel lak, jaz sem uporabila minije iz seta L.A. Girl Polka dot. 2 različni zeleni za šal - L.A. Girl Teal dimension in Watermelon blast. Modro za oči - L.A. Girl Blue dimension, Rdečo za metuljčka - L.A. Girl Sparkle ruby in Zlato za kljun - L.A. Colors Seashell. Potrebovali pa boste tudi orodje za delanje pik z 2 velikostima.

Step 1: Make a black base. Then add the white through the middle so you leave black parts on the top and on the sides of the nail.

Korak 1: Uporabite črno za podlago in potem nanestie belo samo po sredini, tako da ob strani in na vrhu nohta ostane črna obroba.

Step 2: Make a dark green line on the middle of the nail, or if you have longer nails on 2/3 of the nail so you have enough room to make the face. On one side of the scarf base make a line, to make the dangly part.

Korak 2: Naredi temno zeleno linijo čez polovico nohta, ali če imate daljše nohte čez 2/3 nohta, tako da imaš na vrhu dovolj prostora, da narediš obraz. Na eni od strani naredi dodatno črto, da dobi šal viseči del. 

Step 3: Use the blue and a big doting tool to make big goggly eyes.

Korak 3: Uporabi modro in veliko stran orodja za delanje pik, da narediš velike sijoče oči.

Step 4: Use the bright green and a slim brush to make lines on the end of the scarf and in the middle of it. To create a wool pattern.

Korak 4: Uporabi svetlo zeleno in tanek čopič, da narediš niti na koncu šala in po sredini, da se ustvari črtast vzorec na šalu.

Step 5: Make a triangle beak with the gold polish. To make sure the shape will be perfect, 1st make 3 dots in 3 cornerns and then connect them.

Korak 5: Naredi trikoten kljunček z zlatim lakom. Da bo oblika popolna, najprej naredi 3 pike v treh kotih in jih poveži.

Step 6: Make a red bow tie. The easiest way it's to make 2 separate triangles just like the beak. And in the middle make a big dot to connect them.

Korak 6: Naredi rdečega metuljčka. Najlažje je, da narediš 2 ločena trikotnika, kot za kljunček. Nato med njima naredi veliko rdečo piko, da ju povežeš.

Here is a quick recap for this tutorial.

Tu je hiter povzetek kako narediti take nohte. 

So if you are in a mood for something cute and glittery try this simple tutorial. If you want the polishes I used feel free to visit Top

Tako, da če ste pri volji za nekaj lušnega in bleščečega pojdite po poti teh preprostih navodil. In če želite lake, ki sem jih jaz uporabila obiščite Slovensko stran Top


Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Xmas challenge: Xmas food

When someone says Xmas food all I can think of is the ridiculous amounts of candy I get and eat in this time of the year! It's a bit like little kids after trick or treating on Halloween. And my favorite are pretty chocolate boxes that always have pretty designs on the boxes and wrapping papers. So I did this patter that reminds me of all that chocolate goodness :)

For the base I used p2 Blogger's choice *how cute is the name?* and the swirls are free hand drawn with S-he no. 345 and Chic Dark and handsome

I like this look - it's sinfully delicious :)

Do you have a favorite candy in this time of the year you want Santa to bring you?


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday stamping: Merry Xmas!

I got this amazing Femme fatale Tree disguise kit polish and I wanted to make an entire nail look that revolves around it. OMG where to begin? It's a dark green jelly base with scattered light green shimmer. Inside there is a prominent perfect grass green bar glitter, but also there are these amazing purple, silver and blue holo dot glitters that come in 3 different sizes that look like Xmas tree decorations. THIS IS MY FAVORITE XMAS NAIL POLISH OF THE SEASON!!! On it's own it's amazing as you can see on the bottom swatches ... But wait there is more :)

I added some Xmas type stamps - they have everything on one spot - snowman, trees and snow flakes <3 The stamps are done with QA66 and Essence Petal to the metal.

Here are just the swatches - 2 coats and a thick top coat <3

I love this polish so much I wore it for almost a week which is a year in Gin time :) I can't get enough of it - now I have to figure out how to make some more manis with it so they won't look so Xmassy :)

What do you think of this green perfection?


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Essence Love letters TE review

I don't know how but Essence Love letters hit a single store here in Slovenia. It appeared out of the blue so I didn't have the time to check any promos (because they didn't exist back then) and I just grabbed the 3 polishes I liked and this cute little note book. The colors are mostly quite subtle, demure and romantic. The only one that stands out is the dark one, since it's the one that's meant to be good for stamping. Swatches below! :) 

Now how cute is the promo banner? <3

Here is the stand I took the picture of so you can see the other products in this line :)

First we have I got a crush on blue. It's a light creme that looks different under different lights, it's one of those colors very hard to describe - it ranges from gray, purple to blue. But it's a very bright color and I need only 1 thick coat for full coverage.

Grey-headed lovebird is a taupe - light brown - nude creme. It reminds me of liquid face make up. For this one I also needed just 1 thick coat for full coverage.

Inkheart is the only dark polish in the line. It's a dark blue hued grey creme that achieves full coverage in 1 coat. Since it says 'perfect for stampy set' I tired stamping with it over black base. And YAY it works :)

So I hope you enjoyed this very early TE review. Will you try to get anything from this line?


Friday, December 20, 2013

L.A. Girl La-Di-Dots nail art tutorial

I got this L.A. Girl Polka dots nail collection called La-Di-Dots to make a review of. It's a set of 3 L.A. Girl mini polishes *the cutest little things* and a 2 sided doting tool. The colors are a white, black and neon pink. They are all strongly pigmented and easy to work with. So I decided to make a quick tutorial with these that feature some cute dots. I got this set from Top

Dobila sem L.A. Girl Polka dots nail collection imenovana La-Di-Dots za recenzijo. Gre za set 3 L.A. Girl mini lakov *neverjetno luštno pakiranje* in orodje za izdelovanje pik z 2 stranema. Brave so bela, črna in neon roza. Vse so močno pigmentirane in preproste za uporabo. Odločila sem se, da naredim hitra in preprosta navodila, kako narediti prisrčne nothke z pikami. Set sem dobila na Slovenski internetni strani Top

Here is what the La-Di-Dots set has to offer :)

Tu vidite, kaj je v La-Di-Dots setu :)

Step 1: Use the white polish as base. I needed one thick coat for full coverage.

Korak 1: Uporabite bel lak za podlago. Potrebovala sem le eno debelo plast za popolno prekrivnost.

Step 2: Use the bigger part of the dotting tool and the neon pink. Start making dots from the bottom of the nail up. Make a lot of them on the base of the nail - they should overlap and then the higher on the nail you go the less of them you make. 

Korak 2: Uporabite večji del orodja za pike in neon roza. Začnite delati pike na dnu nohta, naredite veliko pik na dnu, naj se prekrivajo in višje, kot greste po nohtu manj naj jih bo in vedno bolj narazen naj bodo postavljene.

Step 3: Use the black polish and the bigger part of the dotting tool. Make the dots the same way as you did with the neon pink. But make less of them, let them not be so very close together so the neon pink on the bottom will shine through. Stop on the middle of the nail.

Korak 3: Uporabite črn lak in debeli del orodja za pike. Delajte pike na isti način, kot ste jih z neon roza lakom. Toda naj jih bo manj in naj se ne držijo zelo skupaj, da lahko med njimi zasije neon roza. Ustavite se na sredini nohta.

Step 4: Use the smaller part of the dotting tool and start making some very random and scarce smaller dots from the middle of the nail up. So it creates a doted gradient effect.

Korak 4: Uporabite manjši del orodja za pike in začnite delati raztresene in redkejše male pike po nohtu od sredine navzgor. Ustvariti se mora prehod med pikami.

And that is all you need for this look :)
In to je vse kar potrebujete za take nohte :)

I realy enjoyed working with this set - the polishes are classic colors and very pigmented that makes them easy to work with. I would recomned it to beginners and masters of nail art. Don't forget to visit top to get your own set, they come in variety of colors.

Zelo sem uživala v delu s tem setom - laki so klasične barve, ki so dobro pigmentirane, kar jih naredit preproste za uporabo. Priporočam set novincem in mojstrom nail arta. Ne pozabite obiskati Top, da dobite svoj set, obstaja veliko različnih barvnih kombinacij.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday tradtions tutorial/Praznična tradicija tutorial

One of my favorite Xmas traditions is the decorating of the tree. And I wanted to make a nail art tutorial, that is full of glitter. So here is a simple Xmas tree and decoration nail art tutorial. All the supplies for this look I got at Top

Ena od mojih najljubših Božičnih tradicij je dekoracija smrekce. Zato sem naredila zelo preprosta nail art navodila za ta čas, ki je poln bleščic. Tako, da tu so preprosta navodila, kako narediti nohte z Božičnim drevescem in dekoracijo. Vse lake, ki sem jih uporabila sem dobila pri Slovenski strani Top

For this look I used: L.A. Colors Treasure island for the green base. L.A. Colors Live for the silver details and stripes. L.A. Girl Brilliant blue, Sparkle ruby, Purple effect and 3D Silver for the decoration. You will also need a 2 sized doting tool.
Za te nohte potrebuješ: L.A. Colors Treasure island za zeleno podlago. L.A. Colors Live za srebrne detajle in črte. L.A. Girl Brilliant blue, Sparkle ruby, Purple effect in 3D Silver za dekoracijo. Potrebovala boš tudi orodje, za delanje pik, ki ima 2 velikosti.

Step 1: Use the green base polish.
Korak 1: Uporabi zelen lak za podlago.

Step 2: Make the stripes vertically on the nail. Make sure that they are far apart enough so you can make bigger dots between them. Also make a few small dots that will serve as the line on which the bigger dots will be positioned at. Just like the decoration is on the end of the string.
Korak 2: Nariši pravokotne linije glede na noht. Morajo biti dovolj narazen, da bo med njimi prostor za večje pike. Naredi tudi nekaj majhnih pik, ki bodo služile, kot vrv na katero se obesi dekoracija za Božična drevesa.

Step 3: Use the 3 glitter polishes for the decoration - it doesn't matter the order of the colors. Only make sure that the ones at the end of the small silver dots are a lot bigger so it looks like they are attached to the line. So that the silver stripes don't look to empty add some smaller dots on it.
Korak 3: Uporabi 3 lake z bleščicami, ki si jih določila za dekoracijo - ni važno zaporedje. Pomembno je, da tiste, ki so povezane z malimi srebrnimi pikami, so veliko večje. Naredi tudi manjše pike na srebrne trakove, da ne izgledajo preveč prazni. 

Step 4: Use the silver glitter to make extra small dots inside the big ones, so they get another depth dimension. Don't forget the top coat.
Korak 4: Uporabi srebrne bleščice da narediš dodatne male pike znotraj velikih. Tako dekoracija dobi dodatno dimenzijo globine. Ne pozabi na nadlak.

Here is a quick recap of the tutorial.
Tu je hiter povzetek navodil.

I love this look couz it's so glittery and that's what I love the most about Xmas nails :)
Te nohti so mi zelo všeč, ker je toliko bleščic in to je tudi tisto, kar imam najraje na Božičnih nohtih :)


Winter Xmas challenge: Toys

I wanted to make a mix of a lot of different things for this mani: a deer and toys. And I have this elk stamp that looks like a toy and Femme fatale Stolen reindeer that has the perfect name to be the base :)

Let's just stop a little to gush over this Femme fatale! It's a clear base with 3 sized brown hex glitters, bronze hex and bar glitters, in there are also some purple small glitters - but the best part are these vivid red glitters that remind me of Rudolph's nose - and the colors remind me of an elk fur <3 I am in love with this polish.

As base I used Catrice the monkey gets funky and the stamp is done with HD05 and KIKO Taupe. 

This are bit simpler nails then I usually wear. Do you like it? I love to hear from ya all :)


Monday, December 16, 2013

Xmas tree tutorial/Božično drevo navodila

I have seen a lot of these dotted Xmas tree nails but I wanted to make one that has so many dots it looks like it's a full tree and you can't see the base polish. All the colors I used are very festive and I got them at

Videla sem veliko nohtov z božičnimi drevesci narejenih iz pik, toda jaz bom naredila takega, ki je sestavljen iz toliko pik, da se ne vidi laka, ki je za ozdaje. Vse potrebščine za te nohte sem dobila pri

For this look you will need: A dotting tool that has 2 different sized ends. A white polish for base, I used BeautyUK White. A light and dark green to make the tree, I used China glaze Starboard and BeautyUK Teal. At least 2 different colors for the ornaments, I used China glaze Pure torture and Barry M Blackberry. Also a gold polish for the top ornament, I used Models own Artstix Gold.

Za take nohte potrebujete: Orodje za izdelovanje pik, ki ima 2 različni velikosti. Bel lak za podlago, jaz sem uporabila BeautyUK Bela. Svetlo in temno zeleno za drevo, jaz sem uporabila China glaze Starboard and BeautyUK Turkizno. Vsaj 2 različni barvi za dekoracijo, jaz sem uporabila China glaze Pure torture in Barry M Blackberry. Potreben je še dodaten lak za dekoracijo na vrhu, jaz sem uporabila Models own Artstix Zlat.

Step 1: Apply a white base polish.
Korak 1: Nanesi bel lak za podlago.

Step 2: Start with the single dot at the top and add 1 more each row. Also add a few randomly in the middle. Start with the teal because it's the lighter color and you can always cover it up with the dark green.
Korak 2: Začni z eno piko na mestu, kjer bo vrh drevesa in dodaj po 1 piko za vsako naslednjo vrsto. Dodaj tudi nekaj pik naključno v sredini. Začni s svetlejšo barvo, ker jo vedno lahko prekriješ s temno zeleno.

Step 3: With the dark green polish randomly add dots in a way that 3/4 of the space where you want the tree to be is filled. 
Korak 3: S temno zeleno dodajaj pike, tako da se napolni 3/4 prostora, kjer želiš, da je smrekca.

Step 4: Use the smaller doting tool to make the decorations. Just arrange them randomly on the tree, try to fill as many white spots left.
Korak 4: Uporabi manjše orodje za pike za ustvarjanje dekoracije. Nanesi jih naključno na drevo, po možnosti tako, da se zapolni čimveč belih delov.

Step 5: Use the red polish and make more dots, try to fill the rest of the white spots and some of the emptier green spots on the tree.
Korak 5: Uporabi rdeč lak in zapolni še več belih predelov in tiste bolj prazne zelene dele na drevesu. 

Step 6: Use the gold polish to make the biggest dot on top of the tree and add 2 more on the sides that are smaller. I used the doting tool on top of the Models own Artstix Gold polish.
Korak 6: Uporabi zlat lak, da narediš največjo piko od vseh na vrhu drevesa in še 2 dodatni, manjši ob strani. Jaz sem uporabila dodatek za delanje pik na Models own Artstix Zlat.

Here is a quick recap of this tutorial :)
Tu je še hiter povzetek za take nohtke :)

So there you have it simple nail art with minimum amount of work with the most of the Xmas colors used :)
Tako tu so navodila za preproste nohte za katere je potrebno malo truda in uporabi se veliko Božičnih barv :)

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