Thursday, December 5, 2013

TCNTCWC: Day 1 White Xmas

What does TCNTCW stand for? LOL The Crumpet's nail tarts Christmas winter nail challenge :) I just had to write it like this it was to funny and to long :) This year I learned that most of the bloggers I follow are in love with Halloween and that's their fave part of the year. But mine is Xmas :) I don't go crazy over it or wait for it all year - but I am just happy that everyone is a bit more cheerful and festive :)

I had so much fun with the 33 Day challenge by Crumpet that I had to enter her Christmas challenge :) So get ready for some holiday cheer over here (aww yeah tacky rhymes time) :)

Day 1 is white Xmas - meaning snow, decoration, lights . . . And I had this amazing Sinful colors Ice dream a while (hence the old swatch at the bottom) and I thought it would make a perfect base :) I made a gradient on the tips with Essence Glorious Aquarius. The stamps are done with Barry M Passion fruitKiko Lawn green and BM302.

I love this look and I think its perfect to kick off the holidays season :)

An old swatch of Sinful colors Ice dream <3



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