Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday stamping: Merry Xmas!

I got this amazing Femme fatale Tree disguise kit polish and I wanted to make an entire nail look that revolves around it. OMG where to begin? It's a dark green jelly base with scattered light green shimmer. Inside there is a prominent perfect grass green bar glitter, but also there are these amazing purple, silver and blue holo dot glitters that come in 3 different sizes that look like Xmas tree decorations. THIS IS MY FAVORITE XMAS NAIL POLISH OF THE SEASON!!! On it's own it's amazing as you can see on the bottom swatches ... But wait there is more :)

I added some Xmas type stamps - they have everything on one spot - snowman, trees and snow flakes <3 The stamps are done with QA66 and Essence Petal to the metal.

Here are just the swatches - 2 coats and a thick top coat <3

I love this polish so much I wore it for almost a week which is a year in Gin time :) I can't get enough of it - now I have to figure out how to make some more manis with it so they won't look so Xmassy :)

What do you think of this green perfection?



  1. I think this polish is INCREDIBLE!! I'm off to search for it so I can wear it next year ;)

  2. Wow what a awesome looking manicure!

  3. That is freakin' phenomenal. Absolutely gorgeous. Also you've totally gotten me into the stamping spirit lately. ^_^


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