Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Real or fake?

I am a big fan of indies of all shapes and sizes but the prices are usually to steep for me so I don't own many. At the same time I am always looking for some new amazing cheap polish and then this happens :)

I wanted super x-mas themed nails with glitter so I just layered 3 different glitters from the Golden rose Carnival collection and the nails look amazing! Like they are covered with an indie type of mixed glitters :) But could you tell? Or did you think it was an indie polish full of x-mas glitters? As base I used Catrice Bricky mouse.

Because there where so many coats of polish and they where all gooey I just pressed the Essence fimo slices in from the happy holidays collection and added some top coat - and I haven't lost any of then yet :) Suck it nail glue :)

So what do you think? I am in love with this fake indie look <3

I just had to post this photo with the flash - the colors just seem to go even more alive :)

Are you a fan of glitter layering?


  1. Omg, this is amazing! It makes me think of a gingerbread house! Now I'm hungry... :)

  2. So awesome! hahahaha Suck it nail glue! Indeed. ;)

  3. wow, this is amazing! Love it:)

  4. This is super cute, I love it!!

  5. I LOVE this glitter layering, it totally looked like it was a glitter packed indie to me!

    Also- I almost never use nail glue, if you put the rhinestones or fimo slices on with a nice fresh coat of polish, and seal it in with one, those suckers are ON. I know you mentioned all the layers....not sure what the dry time was on them, but I've had great luck from preventative-non-smudging using one of those quick dry top coats over it, and it works wonders!

    Thanks for sharing this in the Best Of: Nail Art link party! Merry Christmas :)


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