Wednesday, December 4, 2013

LoL mani Tristana the Megling gunner / TNCC week#4

Here is my last blue themed LoL champion mani inspired by Tristana. She is a gnome type girl with a giant cannon - nothing more to her - shes is kind off cute but not very fun to play at least not for me. But I relay like her skins and the rocket girl one is so cute <3

Rocket girl Trsitana
For this look I wanted to cram on my nails all that I like from this skin - the rockets, the cool hair and goggles, the yellow outfit and the blue sky :) I kind off like this look <3

For this look I used: Essence stamp me!white, Absolutely blue, Aztec ceremony, Arcane lacquer Anomaly, S-he no. 340, Depend no. 2032, Golden rose carnival no. 06 and 14, Catrice Oh! My goldness, Royal Blue, Emerald queen, Team lucky mustard's, Roberts red ford, p2 Lost in paradise.

My favorite in game Tristana quote:
''Is that a rocket in your pocket?''



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