Saturday, December 21, 2013

Essence Love letters TE review

I don't know how but Essence Love letters hit a single store here in Slovenia. It appeared out of the blue so I didn't have the time to check any promos (because they didn't exist back then) and I just grabbed the 3 polishes I liked and this cute little note book. The colors are mostly quite subtle, demure and romantic. The only one that stands out is the dark one, since it's the one that's meant to be good for stamping. Swatches below! :) 

Now how cute is the promo banner? <3

Here is the stand I took the picture of so you can see the other products in this line :)

First we have I got a crush on blue. It's a light creme that looks different under different lights, it's one of those colors very hard to describe - it ranges from gray, purple to blue. But it's a very bright color and I need only 1 thick coat for full coverage.

Grey-headed lovebird is a taupe - light brown - nude creme. It reminds me of liquid face make up. For this one I also needed just 1 thick coat for full coverage.

Inkheart is the only dark polish in the line. It's a dark blue hued grey creme that achieves full coverage in 1 coat. Since it says 'perfect for stampy set' I tired stamping with it over black base. And YAY it works :)

So I hope you enjoyed this very early TE review. Will you try to get anything from this line?



  1. hmm pa sem še včeraj gledala, če bi bla kje ta kolekcija, upam da jo ulovim, ker bi imela tole barvico za ustnice :)

  2. Nice neutral colors you reviewed! I like :)

  3. I'm sure if they showed up here I wouldn't be able to stop myself. ;)

  4. Ma dokler sem prišla do DMja, ni bilo več ničesar :(.
    In Btw saj si bila ti na essence blogger eventu? Mi ni ostalo v spominu čisto celo ime, tako da je traaaajaloooo da sem našla blog. ;)

    1. Ja sem bila! Sem vesela, da smo se našli :) a to TE pa poglej še kakšen bolj oddaljen DM - vedno se kaj najde - bolj kot so skriti bolj imajo polna stojala. Veliko sreče :)


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