Monday, December 9, 2013

Crumpet's winter Xmas challenge: Winter nature

I got the Zoya Chita in a swap a while back and it was love at first sight :) It's the most perfect mossy green that dries textured and it actually looks like moss! How amazing is that? So I thought it's a perfect base for some plant stamps I did with Kiko Lawn green and BM11. Then I added some dots to make some berries and give it a holiday feel with Essence The boy next door, Color club Gingerbread man and p2 Fever.

I am obsessed with this look! It's so festive but in an old school way - it's screams druid pagan solstice festival to me :) 

With top coat
Do you ever fall in love with a polish as soon as you see it?



  1. Beautiful rich finish - looks stunning! Xx

  2. This is gorgeous. Perfectly balanced.

  3. Stunning! Now I'm in love with that polish too! It creates such a textured look :)

  4. Wow that really is a great green!

  5. It looks very Christmassy - i'm loving this shade of green.


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