Monday, December 2, 2013

33DC: Day 31 Artwork featuring your 3 favorite polishes

OK so I have some issues with this part of the challenge - I can't decide which are my 3 favorite polishes and I can do nail art all day long - but I am not very good at swatches. I consider swatches an art form - couz I am no good at it and some girls make it seem effortless :)

So I decided to bite down and make swatches with the AMAZING Arcane Lacquer made by the even more amazing swatching queen nailgunXS. Show the girl and this amazing indie brand some love!!! Now on to the swatches - I will let them speak on their own - enoy :)

Arcane lacquer Busy body - 3 coats with top coat <3

Arcane lacquer Anomaly - 2 coats with top coat

Arcane lacquer Erudite charm - two coats with top coat

So there you have it! Arcane lacquer is an indie brand with subtle colors and glitters that come together in a great way and make an amazing impact. Feel free to check them out on their Facebook page or offical page



  1. Nice swatches! Your nail shape is awesome

  2. I think you did great swatching. ^_^ Such lovely colors, too. I don't think I could pick three favorite easily either.... lol

  3. Loving Erudite Charm (both the color and the name) ♥ I think your swatches look fab!


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