Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday stamping: I'm in the mood for ... PIRATES!

I am always in a mood for Pirates :) Any shape or form I love pirates or anything pirate themed. But this year I found this amazing pirate themed candy store on my vacation and now they remind me of the hot summer. I need some warm memories in these cold days so I did these pirate nails :)

I love these nails so much I have been wearing them extra long and I am so excited to make them again when my nails will be a bit longer :)

The nails are done with LA Girl Sandy beach as base, Zoya Solange as base and on the pinkie I added some Essence stamp me!black as base. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me!white and plates BM H13, Tedi stamp, MM09. The accent finger is free hand drawn with Essence stamp me!black and Essence Magic red carpet

Here is the picture of my inspiration - the pirate candy shop - the candy is stored in big treasure chests ... How awesome is that?! <3

yarrr maties !!!

1 comment:

  1. trgovina u kojoj sam tražiš svoje blago super izgleda :D
    manikura ti je krasna, naročito ovaj dio s mapom za blago... a teksturci su fantastični :D


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