Saturday, November 30, 2013

LoL mani: Lissandra the Ice Witch / TNCC week#3

Well I still have 2 more blue LoL champions to go and one of them is Lissandra the Ice witch. In the game there are 3 lady champions that compete for the throne of an ice kingdom. But Lissandra is hands down the coolest of them all. She is ancient, powerful and made of dark ice. Her voice is melodic and she looks like a cool ice robot made of crystals :)

So for this look I wanted to make some cracked ice and crystals look. I also incorporated her trademark white braid hair and I created her face - thou I don't think I did her justice :( My favorite is the index finger done with the fuzzy polishes. What do you think?

Lissandra the ice witch

For this look I used a lot of polishes so bear with me: Barry M Liquorice, Bubblegum, Blackberry, Golden rose Impressions no. 09, Color club Over the moon, Konad white, OPI Solitaire, Alessandro Crystal punk, Essence crack me! blue, Electric blue, The boy next door, Absolutely blue, Fall for me.

My favorite Lissandra quote:
''I killed so many queens I've lost count!''



  1. I love the fuzzy polish, too! ^_^ Overall this is a very cute design.

  2. hey, you changed the shape of your nails! i like this one better


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