Thursday, November 7, 2013

LoL mani: Jinx the Loose Cannon

All I can say RIOT good job! Jinx is the last champion in the game I play called LoL and I am amazed!!! This game is more and more full of annoying and mean players but if you play a champion like Jinx the game becomes fun again! And her jelling : ''Stay still I'm trying to shoot you'' always helps :) 

She has so many things on her that I love, I get a legit nerd-gasm every time I play her :) She has tattoos, neon blue hair, crazy eyes, skimpy outfit and yeah no b00bs! Finally a lady champion that is not a body type every boy/porn producer dreams of :) And as you can see on her picture she has 3 guns - a shark bazooka, a zapp gun and a bunny machine gun which is my fave so I had to make it into nail art :) Besides the eyes, the blue hair and the tattoos covered with a bullet belt :)

She is so cool they made her a little music video you guys have to check out at the bottom :) And if you would like to see some awesome cosplay of Jinx (and some other LoL ladies) check out Glory Lamothe work <3 

Jinx the loose cannon
I can't quite decide what I like the most in this look - I think I like the bunny gun best <3

For this look I used a lot of colors so get ready for this:
Pinkie - Kiko Sky blue, Golden rose Carnival no. 13, Ruby kisses Blues clues
Ring - Catrice Nude and rude, Essence stamp me!white and black, Models own Hedonist, China glaze Ahoy!, Ruby kisses Blues clues
Middle - China glaze Not in this galaxy, Essence stamp me!white and black, Essence Flamingo rose, Essence the Stiletto, Jezy no name
Index - Catrice Nude and rude, Catrice Demin Moore, Color club Over the moon, Catrice EX pistols, Catrice Havana drum, Catrice Lost in the mud

As promised here is her video promo they relased as she became part of the game - the song is great and the animation is amazing. It's this cool combination of comic book art and 3D animation - must see <3

Some of my favorite Jinx quotes in game:

''Three guns mean never having to say ''I'm sorry!''
''I relay need a new gun, but don't tell my other guns ...''
*replace gun with polish and you get my life motto* :)


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  1. Oh this is really great! I like the eye the most ^.^


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