Saturday, November 23, 2013

LoL mani: Fizz the Tidal trickster vs. TNCC: Blue Week#2

Here is my further exploration of the color blue, which always reminds me of the sea. Fizz is the cutest sea monster ever!!! His hair are tentacles now how adorable is that? Also he has a trusty shark as his transportation/weapon :) But in the LoL game I must admit ... he kicks my ass a lot more times then I managed to play him. He is one of those champions that are amazing to watch played by pros and I personally can't seem to master him. But his cute and I had to do that squishy face and googly eyes. Also I wanted to do a shark mani and I think it turned out great! And how fitting is this 3D fish for this look? 

I am crushing hard on this look - especially because it's a ll free hand drawn and it reminded me how easy and fun free hand drawn nail art is <3

My inspiration *fishy cuteness*
Fizz the Tidal trickster

I used: Arcane lacquer Erudite charm, Jade Hypnose, Catrice Rockby, Virgin forest, Mint me up, Essence I'm the boss, I love bad boys, The dawn is broken, China glaze Strap on your moonboots, Konad white and black. 

My favorite Fizz in game quote:
''Feeding time!''



  1. That is so adorable!!! ^_^ I absolutely love it.

  2. This is really an awesome manicure! It is so cute ^^ And I love the 3D fish!


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