Friday, November 15, 2013

33DC: Day 24 Art with color you own the most of and TNCC: Week #1 Favorite color

The same color I own the most of - meaning dupes - is this neon dark blue I call electric blue. Also my favorite nail color of all time :) Not even holos compare to it in my eyes :) I am posting a picture of them on the bottom - it even comes in textured color how lucky am I?
The second 'color' I own the most of is Glitters and my recent purchase was from Ellagee La Calavera Catrina. Currently I am in love with all type of shaped glitter and this is packed with black/red hearts, semi-sheer red flowers, white mini skulls, white bar glitters and rhombus glitters. All mixed into a different sized black hex glitters and holo silver glitters in a clear base. The application was simple - it's one coat over Kiko Electric blue. To capture all the different shaped goodness just shake the bottle a bit :)

I am in love how it turned out - no wonder it's a combination of my 2 favorite things :)

Here is a collection of my electric blue polishes <3 They are all dupes and I am always looking for more because you need a for lifetime supply of your favorite color :)

 If you guys are interested in a Ellagee polish check her out on storenvy and her FB page :)


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  1. Looks wonderful over blue! Thanks so much for posting about it! <3


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