Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday stamping: Halloween

I had a great zombie hands look prepared but I lost the pictures *shakes her fists angry at the sky* But the other day I got an amazing nail mail full of Femme fatale polishes and I got so inspired by the base polish  named Wolfsbane I had to do this look - that I think counts as a Halloween look :)

So the base is Femme fatale Wolfsbane which is a lovely dark blue jelly packed with holographic moons and hex glitters of 2 sizes that turn blue due to the jelly base. There are also some smaller red hex glitters. So very pretty <3 I got so inspired by the little moons inside I had to stamp some more with BM316 and HD04, with Essie Blue rhapsody. I added skulls because well bane never means anything good and it seemed Halloween-ish to me :)

And here are the swatches of Wolfsbane. This is 1 coat of it over Essence Boy next door. The application was not problematic at all. The polish is packed with a lot of glitters and moons :)


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