Saturday, October 5, 2013

Llama nails: Harry Potter

I am not a particular Harry Potter fan - never read the books and gave up on movie no. 3 or so ... But then I got these amazing Alanna Renee polishes that are part of the Magical world collection and I had to make this look :) My favorite part of the story is Hedwig the majestic owl and the Golden snitch ball - couz I just love the sounds it makes when it flies through the air. And that are the names of the polishes I used with some Essence stamp me black! and stamping plates :) I added some Bornpretty store water decals :)

I usually don't swoon over white polish and love gold polish. But this time I fell in love with the white Hedwig - it's a white jelly with black micro glitter, matte yellow glitter and white string glitters. If you want a special white polish think of Hedwig - amazing base for nail art :)

Show some love to this amazing Australian indie brand and visit her alanna renee


1 comment:

  1. Personally my interest in the movies started waning after the third one. These nails are amazing, though!!


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