Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kilox Lacquers review

I got these amazing kiloX lacquers for review - this is their Rescue collection. All I can say is AMAZING!!! Since most of the indies are either chunky glitter combos or holos these are subtle but unique colors and glitters, that fit the fall trends :)

So get ready for a swatch - a - ton of a life time :) And let me say this - I <3 the package :) It reminds me so much of the Matrix - everything including the logo looks so futuristic <3

 Here is a lovely group foto - from L to R: Sienna, Kilo, Saintly Bernard, Zulu, Tango
The formula was great not to thick or to runny and easy to apply. The drying time was also very fast - not a problematic polish at all.

My usual favorites are the golds, so let's begin with the lovely Sienna. It's a 2 coat dark gold/bronze metallic polish with light gold small hex glitter. On the picture you can see 2 coats of Sienna with top coat.

Accent finger: Essence stamp me!black and Barry M Gold foil, BM316

Next it's my favorite of the the collection named Kilo. It's black base polish with the most unique glitter I have ever seen!!! It's matte silver glitter that shifts into flakie silver, to holo silver to linear green and blue. One word: AMAZING! This is 2 coats with top coat.

Accent finger: Konad white, HD03

Here I added some matte top coat because some flakies turn stronger when they are matted - here it did not make that much of a difference when it comes to glitter :)

Saintly Bernard is also an unexpected favorite of mine. It is a perfect chocolate metallic brown. It has small silver holographic glitter and small red glitter. Thou the red glitter is more prominent in the bottle then on the nail. The polish is still amazingly delicious :) This is 2 coats with top coat.

Accent finger: Color club Gingerbread man, Cheeky Viva Mexico 

Zulu is another of my big favorites in this collection! I am a sucker for unusually shaped glitter. They did settle a bit on the bottom of the bottle - but with a bit of shaking I got them all on the nail. Here the formula is a bit sheer so I used Essence The boy next door as base and over it I added 2 coats of Zulu. It consists of a foggy type of  pastel blue, with light almost neon blue rhombus glitters and micro dark blue hex glitters.
To make the single nail swatch I needed to make 3 thick coats.

Accent finger: Barry M Silver foil, BMH13 

The last but not least is Tango *love the name*. It's a light metallic green polish with glass gold glitters and dark green micro glitters that almost seem invisible, unless the light is hitting them right. As a base I used Essence the green and the grunge then I added 2 coats of Tango because this is not a very opaque polish. To make the single nail swatch I needed to make 3 thick coats.

Accent finger: Kiko Lawn green
Dodaj napis
 This is an amazing fall line of subtle indies for everyone. Please don't forget to check out their page or thier FB page FBkiloxlacquers :)



  1. I've never heard about this brand before but I really like the Saintly Bernard with the shimmer and you're so creative with your nail art! Xx

    1. Thank you :) there are plenty of links in the post for you to get any you like

  2. Those colors are so amazing! I like their logo, too. ^_^ Love your stamping!

  3. Hi dear

    Following you .. Do follow back

    Lovely nail art



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