Friday, October 25, 2013

Essence/Catrice Slovenian blogger event part 1

Let me start this post by saying I LOVE YOU ESSENCE & CATRICE!!! You guys are the best! They organised the 1st ever beauty blogger event in Slovenia - so eat your heart out big USA brands :)

The Event was organised in a classy G hotel, where they were waiting for us with snacks and drinks *I do like the drinks*. Then we had a short presentation about both brands, filled with how they choose their inspiration, how they make trends, how they develop Limited editions and they target groups. I love marketing talk - if it was possible I would just jump into their delivery van and start working for their marketing/art design department *winks at Essence/Catrice owner that she wishes they would be reading this* :)

After it they let us frolic around and try out and take all the products we like. They gave us huge beautiful bags to fill them up. Ahh and I forgot to tell you the entire Lounge place was filled with Essence and Catrice stands, even some of the past Limited edition stuff.

Also we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the up coming Trend edition named Happy holidays. Here is a picture of what will be waiting for us in the store.

I got these 2 products from the stand :)

And here are the swag bags and a few of my favorite items I got :)

Finally I got some gel nails sets - time to go pro :)

Yeah official notebooks and folders :)

And here are the cutest cupcakes that were awaiting us :) And the epic flower decorations that where everywhere and filled with products.

And because I am so in love with Essence I decided to pick up some swag for you all. So this will be in my new giveaway I will make available soon. Its full of limited edition stuff and fall trends colors. Also it features a polish from the up coming Essence Happy holidays :)  Stay tuned :)

All I can say is Essence and Catrice you have a loyal costumer for life! Not only that you have addictive Limited editions you are not as expansive as most brands. The people that work for you are so nice and friendly, everyone on the event was amazing.

But because I was so in love with all the products I forgot to take some pretty pictures of the stuff we where offered so here are the links to the other bloggers that where there and not as drunk on polish as me :)



  1. This is so awesome! I love essence!! I never tried Catrice though.
    I am Slovenian too :) but I live in Canada. haha

    1. So lucky - soon I will make a all Catrice giveaway - stay tuned - today I made an all Essence giveaway :) Feel free to enter :)

  2. So jealous!!! I hope we get the happy holidays display. That looks so cute. And the cupcakes!! AH! So jealous.

  3. Oooh jealous!! :D (In a good way!) I live in Canada and I wish we had more of their products here (Essence is one of my favourite brands!)

  4. No pa sem nagruntala še tebe, si mi bila anmreč še edina neznanka:))


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