Thursday, October 31, 2013

Catrice Rocking royals swatches

Since I just did a post about how Catrice is my favorite brand - let me put my money where my mouth is :) You guys know I am no good at swatching but for an amazing collection like this I will try my best.

These are the Rocking royals polishes that are described as textured and filled with glitter pigments on their page - which is kind off true :) Before we go to the swatches note the epic crown design on the bottles!!!
On to the swatches!!!

A lovely group photo of the collection - you can see that it's separated in two groups

Royal blood is a suede type of denim blue polish. A mix of silver and blue particles - that give an matte bright blue sheen. This is a thick one coat of it. 

Ex pistols is a bright mix of silver and gold particles. That create a sandy suede effect that create a light gold sheen. This is a one coat with no top coat. 

Emerald queen has the same formula as the previous two. It's a mossy green mixed with silver particles that, creates a matt sheen. This is a thick one coat with no top coat.

Royal blood is perfect vampy dark red, that dries matte, it's a jelly type of red not a suede like the rest so far. This are two thick coats with no top coat. 

Here is Pink punk a dirty matte fuchsia. It's a jelly type of polish that dries matte and not with a suede effect. This are two coats of it with no top coat. 

The 3 suede matts have bit of a metallic character in them so you have to be careful when you apply them or you will get streaky lines. But since they are all one coaters you can use them for stamping :) I made some crown stamps with them over a black base. YAY for Catrice for finally entering the stamping race :)

The entire collection is made of matts so I added Seche vite top coat to them all. And this is how they look with a shiny top coat. The metallic suede gets another dimension, an incredible linear shine that is one step before becoming holographic. The other two mattes finally become relay great jellies <3

I am relay happy with this collection. Thou they are not textured as said in the promo. And 2 of them don't have any shimmer or glitter in them they are still amazing jellies. And the suedes are great for stamping. I am so in love with this collection I got some extras for you all and I will make them part of my up coming Catrice giveaway! :)

Here is the lovely promo picture :) And click the top link to see the other products in this collection.



  1. What a great collection! I wish they would start selling Catrice in Denmark too :)

  2. is this already available in slovenian stores?

    1. i got them in muller but i think they will also be avalible in the online store click2chick :)

    2. oh great, that means my muller should have them soon...i'm so excited. i'll get the red polish, the swatch looks SO AMAZING. if i didnt see this post, i would never get it. thanks! ;)

  3. These look awesome :) new follower x

  4. Oh my goodness... I think I'm in love....

  5. Prvi, Royal Blood je preprosto Ĩudovit, z in bren nadlaka in bo moral biti moj ;)


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