Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catrice LE Arts collection swatches

When ever Catrice announces another Limited edition collection my response is always the same: ''Just shut up and take my money!''

I can't resist their polishes and when I see the bottle designs and I gotta to have them all. This time they announced the Arts collection and I was hooked. They are a combination of make up pallets and matching polishes. They make this every year. But currently I am rocking a lot of eye liners so I don't need a pallet but I did need all the polishes. And I love it couz they where inspired by all the artistic movements :)

Here is the promo picture and you can see how the polish bottles match the pallets.

Yeah every swatch shot must include a bottle shot because they are so pretty :) My favorite is the Bronze art deco one, but I think that is because it's my favorite color of the bunch and I still have some residual Great Gatsby love in me :)

Here are the up close swatches, from the bottles I thought they might bee good for stamping but they are way to sheer. These are all done with 2 coats and no top coat. 1st one is Pinkroque, it's a combination of light pink, fuschia type of pink and silver dust pigments. They are all done like this, like a combination of 2 or more dust pigments, not like the usual metallic shades that want to seem like mirror surfaces. The 2nd one is Forevergreen. This is a combination of just the light pastel olive green and silver dusts. The last one is my favorite Bronze-deco it's a combination of gold, bronze in light almost silvery gold dusts. 

The only slight problems I had was that the formula. It was a bit streaky and sometimes it took some application work so that the lines from the brush were not showing. Nut all in all this is an amazing collection and the bottles are amazing looking :)



  1. ok, sad kad sam ih vidjela neću uopće plakati za njima... u bočicama mi izgledaju ljepše, ne sviđa mi se ovaj finiš ;)


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