Wednesday, October 30, 2013

33DC: Day 17 Your favorite brand - CATRICE

AHH Catrice I love you in equal measure to my hate - the hate stemming from  my wallet because I need to have all the polish that you make!!! And the biggest reason are the Limited editions that they make. The themes, the artwork, the colors everything is amazing!!! So here is my mani with only Catrice products from some of my favorite LE from them. I will also add some of the promo art so you guys can see what I mean
Also later today I will post swatches of their latest collection Rocking royals :)

Because I am so in love with this brand I decided to make a small giveaway soon that will consist of only LE Catrice polishes so stay tuned :)

The only non-Catrice thing are the BM 316 stamping plates :)

From L to R: Doris' Darling, Allure, Bloomynous and The calm all <3 How amazing are these bottles? :)

I ended up liking the original art more then the stamping art <3 So here are the pretty original pictures :)

Promo art:

What is your favorite brand?



  1. Wonderful creative look and really like the color combination! Xx


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