Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31DC2013 Day 31 Nails honor you (love)

Honestly I had no idea what this last post was supposed to be about - then my Australian nail mail came and I got this Femme fatale Burning blossom. It's a peach/pastel orange jelly with neon pink glitters - two things I hate the most. But I love this polish so much for some reason :) What I also never liked was the whimsical arrow stamps on BM20 - but with this polish it looks great.

The entire look makes me happy every time I look at my nails, and it represents the state of my life - I bunch of stuff I hate put together to make something so pretty I can't get enough :) And all the arrows remind me of all the ways I can go in my life but they are not set in a order that would make my path easier ... Whoa Gin enough of the philosophy let the girls enjoy the last and arguably prettiest nails in this 31DC2013 challenge :)

One before the stamps <3

I am done with this one :)



  1. Why did I never think to stamp over glitter like that? So awesome!

  2. I probably would have never thought to use a stamp like this, but it looks really cool here!


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