Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Day challenge recap

Well I am glad it's over - now that I am done I realised that posting daily is not my thing . . . And that just making posts in advance and them posting them at the right time is the way to go :) So here is what I did this month ...

 My favorite was the very last one Day 31 ... Which one is your favorite?

Day 1 Red nails

Day 2 Orange nails

Day 3 Yellow nails

Day 4 Green nails

Day 5 Blue nails

Day 6 Violet nails

Day 7 Black and white nails

Day 8 Metallic nails

Day 9 Rainbow nails

Day 10 Gradient nails

Day 11 Polka dots

Day 12 Stripes

Day 13 Animal print

Day 14 Flowers

Day 15 Delicate print

Day 16 Tribal print

Day 17 Glitter

Day 18 Half moons

Day 19 Galaxies

Day 20 Water marble

Day 21 Inspired by a color

Day 22 Inspired by a Song

Day 23 Inspired by a movie

Day 24 Inspired by a book

Day 25 Inspired by fashion

Day 26 Inspired by a pattern

Day 27 Inspired by artwork

Day 28 Inspired by a flag

Day 29 Inspired by a supernatural

Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial

Day 31 Honor nails you <3



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