Monday, September 23, 2013

32DC2013: Day 23 Inspired by a Movie

I never care what the critics say. Especially not when it comes to my choice in movies ... and one of my favorites recently was Oz the great and powerful <3 I would choose a movie like that over the boring slashers and rom-coms everyday...

I loved the vibrant colors in the movie and then I saw the OPI Oz collection and I couldn't get what they were thinking when they made the colors. But when I got my paws on some of the pretties well, I couldn't care less.

So here are my Oz nails with OPI What wizardy is this? as base. Then I added either OPI Lights of Emerald city or When monkeys fly as toppers. And no top coat couz they create bubbles :)

When this movie came out I was just done reading the book Wicked so OFC Elphaba is my favorite character from the movie :)



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