Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013: Day 29 The supernatural vs. Nami the Tidecaller

The same as the flag challenge I didn't have a clue what to do ...
But something that is supernatural and some people believe in are mermaids :)

In LoL we got Nami the Tidecaller this year as a playable mermaid champion. For me it was instant love. Only only does she flop around like crazy since the game is happening on land but she is a champion that heals others - the only thing I know how to do right in the game :) Also her attacks involve tiny fishes, bubbles that form prisons and a giant wave that envelops every enemy player <3

Nami the Tidecaller
For this look I wanted to make a nail that looks like scales with fimo slices and I wanted to use these too cute 3D fishes :) So the base is Essence On your gracile tiptoe with A48 and Essence stamp me!black. The fish have the base made with Essence I love bad boys and Glisten up.

I found this cute picture of her and I had to share it - Here you can see the cute fishes she calls to her <3

Favorite Nami quote:

'' People and their air ... ''
'' The softest water wears down the hardest rock ... ''
'' Eww, whale breath '' :)



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