Saturday, September 28, 2013

31DC2013: Day 28 Inspired by a flag vs. TNCC Tecniques week #4

Every time I see this part of the challenge I have no clue what to do :( Flags are relay not that interesting to me, nor I am I particularly patriotic... But then I saw the trailer of the new Assassins creed: Black flag and I knew what do to. Even thou the pirate thing was done a million times this is different :)

The base is Constance Carroll Ebony, the flag design is done with Essence stamp me!white. Only the accent finger got a coat of Seche vite, the others have a coat of BeautyUK Matte top coat

When you see the flag in the back of the promo picture you can see this was an epic fail. But I tried my best and I am dedicating this look to my BF who is a big fan of this game series :)

Ahh is there a better thing then a combination of pirates and assassins :) So sexy <3 

Here is the trailer to the game - feel free to fall in love :)



  1. I think it's pretty cool. It might not dead-on look like the flag, but it kinda looks like one of those ink blot pictures. Maybe using a skull stamp would clarify it a bit?

  2. yeah but i could not find one so small :( and every1 else did skull stamps for this part of the challenge :)


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