Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013: Day 13 Animal print

Animal print has been done over and over so I decided to make a Jenna Marbles tribute nails AGAIN :) I am still in love with her and each week am anxiously awaiting her videos. So to all her fans out there this mani will make sense - she has 2 dogs Kermit and Marbles. Kermit is a Italian gray hound hence he is my ring finger and Marbles is a chihuahua and is the pinkie *such a small nubbin* :) Also she features Spider-man in a lot of her videos so I did a Spider-man nails. And my index finger is blond with purple streaks just like her hair was a while back. So I you are not a fan/follower yet check her out on YouTube. Also I will post my current favorite video of her at the bottom :)


For this look I used as base Color club Gingerbread man, Essence Maybe I'm amazed, The dawn is broken. The gradient is made with Catrice It blue my mind and LA Girl Iron red. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me!black and white. The plates I used are QA8, HD01, HD04. The streaks are made with Essence Maybe I'm amazed and a fan brush.

How girls get dressed clip by Jenna Marbles *it's like someone set a camera at my place* :)


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