Monday, September 30, 2013

33DC: Day 4 Tribal

Was not a fan of this entire tribal trend but then I got my Cheeky viva Mexico and I am a believer :) Also I am so happy to show you guys this epic Arcane Lacquer Busy body polish that I used as base. The stamping polish ones are Essie Blue rhapsody and Catrice Bloomynous.

Remind me to show you the Arcane Lacquer swatches they are truley epic - check out  the etsy store :) And show Bec some love :)

Viva la tribal :)


33DC: Day 3 Stripes

I am no good at striping manis - enough said :(

For the base I used Barry M Indigo and Barry M Passion fruit to make a gradient. The top coat are Barry M Silver and gold foil.

P.S.: Sry for posting late :(


31DC2013: Day 30 A tutorial

The girl who made this happen is the lovely owner of Chalkboard nails. I saw her tutorial of camo nails and I wanted to try it out. But I wanted to make a nail rainbow and this tutorial was so simple I ended up with a look I relay loved and will definitely try again :)

For this look I used a lot of different polishes so here is a long list:
Blue camo: p2 Boat trip, Orly Star of Bombay, Essence Electric blue, Catrice Blue
Green camo: Catrice Mint me up, Squeeze me, Petrolpolitan, Mermaid my day
Gray camo: Essence Skyscrapper, Catrice Back to black, Ashley, Barry M Silver foil
Gold camo: p2 Bloggers choice, Essence Sunny side, Catrice Attracting camouflage, China glaze Champagne bubbles


Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013: Day 29 The supernatural vs. Nami the Tidecaller

The same as the flag challenge I didn't have a clue what to do ...
But something that is supernatural and some people believe in are mermaids :)

In LoL we got Nami the Tidecaller this year as a playable mermaid champion. For me it was instant love. Only only does she flop around like crazy since the game is happening on land but she is a champion that heals others - the only thing I know how to do right in the game :) Also her attacks involve tiny fishes, bubbles that form prisons and a giant wave that envelops every enemy player <3

Nami the Tidecaller
For this look I wanted to make a nail that looks like scales with fimo slices and I wanted to use these too cute 3D fishes :) So the base is Essence On your gracile tiptoe with A48 and Essence stamp me!black. The fish have the base made with Essence I love bad boys and Glisten up.

I found this cute picture of her and I had to share it - Here you can see the cute fishes she calls to her <3

Favorite Nami quote:

'' People and their air ... ''
'' The softest water wears down the hardest rock ... ''
'' Eww, whale breath '' :)


Saturday, September 28, 2013

31DC2013: Day 28 Inspired by a flag vs. TNCC Tecniques week #4

Every time I see this part of the challenge I have no clue what to do :( Flags are relay not that interesting to me, nor I am I particularly patriotic... But then I saw the trailer of the new Assassins creed: Black flag and I knew what do to. Even thou the pirate thing was done a million times this is different :)

The base is Constance Carroll Ebony, the flag design is done with Essence stamp me!white. Only the accent finger got a coat of Seche vite, the others have a coat of BeautyUK Matte top coat

When you see the flag in the back of the promo picture you can see this was an epic fail. But I tried my best and I am dedicating this look to my BF who is a big fan of this game series :)

Ahh is there a better thing then a combination of pirates and assassins :) So sexy <3 

Here is the trailer to the game - feel free to fall in love :)


Friday, September 27, 2013

Nalepke za nohte strani

Današnji pregled izdelkov strani bo celotno v Slovenščini, saj je stran namejena slovenskim strankam.

Za pregled sem dobila 2 vrsti nalepk za nohte. Gre za 2 različni vrsti nalepk, ki so različne barve, materiala in vzorcev, tako se zdi, da sta namenjeni za različne priložnosti.

 Tu so 2D Nalepke za nohte, gre za zlate nalepke z vzorcem abstraktnih vrtnic. Toda zdi se mi da bi lahko bile imenovane 3D nalepke. So preproste za uporabo, samo odstraniš folijo s katero so prekrite izbereš nalepko in jo prilepiš na suho plast laka za nohte. Toda, kot sem rekla so zelo teksturirane in če nimaš zelo ploščatih nohtov se jih zelo težko namesti na okrivljen del nohta. Nanesla sem 2 plasti laka za nohte toda vseeno se je čutila izbočenost kjer je nalepka. Tako da ta izdelek priporočam tistim z bolj ploščatimi nohti ali tistimi, ki želijo 3D izdelek in ne nail art, ki izgleda kot da je prostoročno narisan.

Drugi izdelek so 3D Nalepke za nohte, ki bi morale imeti ime 2D Nalepke za nohte. Z njimi je veliko lažje delati ker so manj teksturiane. Gre za nalepke na traku, ki imajo vzorec leopardjih pik, z črno obrobo in belim centrom, nekaj detajlov je obrobljenih z bleščicami. Super za nas 'lenuhe' ki se nam ne da ročno risati malih vzorcev. Design pride na prozornem traku, ki ga samo odrežeš na željeno dolžino in nalepiš na posušen lak za nohte. Potem naneseš plast nadlaka, tu sem uporabila 2 plasti. Ta vrsta nalepk je veliko lažja za uporabo kot prejšnja, ker se bolje prilega nohtu in je manj izbočena.

Nalepke za nohte so super trend in easy-fix za kogarkoli, ki si želi na hitro polepšati nohte. Toda v tem primeru sem bila bolj zadovoljna z 3D Nalepkami za nohte, ker so lažje za nanašati in lažje si jih plasti z nadlakom, da postanejo del nohta in ne štrlijo ven, kot 2D Nalepke za nohte. Če želite poglejte zanimivo ponudbo na strani, poleg nalepk imajo tudi unikatno ponudbno lakov za podlago za nalepke.


31DC2013: Day 27 Inspired by Artwork

Not all artwork must be hung in a museum - and I had this picture in my PC for I don't know how long (shamefully I don't even know the author). I find it so very beautiful and dreamy I wanted to make nail art inspired by it.

The base is Catrice Floralilac, the stamp is made with Catrice Bloomynous and BM20, BM312. The glitters are Smart girls get more no. 116. I love this look even thou I usually don't go for the floral romantic type manis. And the new Catrice LE Eve in bloom bottles fit perfectly in the entire look <3


Thursday, September 26, 2013

31DC2013: Day 26 Inspired by a pattern

I am a big Alice in Wonderland fan and I wanted to make something that is a combination of cards and chess. Then I saw this picture of a display window at Bergdorf Goodman's and it clicked :) For the base I used Avon Mambo melon and Essence stamp me!black on my accent finger. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and white. With the plate QA56.

I feel like the queen of hearts with this look <3 *Off with their heads* 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

33DC: Day 2 Your most used color polish

Today I am very busy and since I did a 31DC2013 post with the same polish and well it's my go-to polish when I am to lazy to deal nail art - it's the glorious OPI Spotted black. It's my most used polish :)


31DC2013: Day 25 Inspired by fashion

*Today I am so busy ... no time but to say this: Stripes made a big comeback in fashion recently I think :)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31DC2013: Day 24 Inspired by a book

I am almost always nose deep in bloody books by Joe Abercrombie - well at least recently. And I know there will be plenty of bloody manicures in this blog when the time of Halloween comes so I choose something different. I am not a fan of cheesy lady romance novels but when it has the title like I am searching for an impotent man by Gaby Hauptman it got my attention ...
It was an interesting story about a girl who files a wanted add asking for a impotent man. Because the ones with the working equipment just want the one thing :) When she finds him and he is perfect things get complicated . . .
Well I didn't wanna make some explicit nails so I did something more abstract that reminded me of love, attachment and relationships :)

The base is Catrice Raspberry fields forever and on the accent finger Put lavender on the agenda. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black, Magic red carpet and plates MM05, CK04 and m70. Over my index finger I added Black cat lacquer Love will tear us apart because I thought it fits the theme of the book and it has these cute little black hearts inside :)

Here is what I used for the art and for inspiration :)


33DC: Day 1 Dots

So the 31DC2013 is ending and I saw this 33DC on the Crumpets FB page and thought why not? It's a bit different since you post 3 times a week and the challenges are a bit differently themed then the usual challenges.

So here we go again!

Day 1 are dots and I wanted to do something with different sized ones and this is what I came up with. The base is Color club Worth the risque, the dots are made with China glaze Shape shifter, S-he stylezon no. 215, Catrice Forget me not and Essence Gothic girl.

Hope you like it as much as I do :)

So here is what you guys can look forward to in the coming months :)


Monday, September 23, 2013

32DC2013: Day 23 Inspired by a Movie

I never care what the critics say. Especially not when it comes to my choice in movies ... and one of my favorites recently was Oz the great and powerful <3 I would choose a movie like that over the boring slashers and rom-coms everyday...

I loved the vibrant colors in the movie and then I saw the OPI Oz collection and I couldn't get what they were thinking when they made the colors. But when I got my paws on some of the pretties well, I couldn't care less.

So here are my Oz nails with OPI What wizardy is this? as base. Then I added either OPI Lights of Emerald city or When monkeys fly as toppers. And no top coat couz they create bubbles :)

When this movie came out I was just done reading the book Wicked so OFC Elphaba is my favorite character from the movie :)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

My recent buy / Moj zadnji nakup pri

So here is my recent haul at the Slovenian page and I am so happy with this purchase. As some of you know Barry M, China glaze and Konad are some of the brands you can't buy in any of the stores in Slovenia. So when I saw their reduced prices I had to grab them all since I am in love with cremes currently.

Tukaj je moj zadnji nakup iz strani in sem zelo zadovoljna z nakupom. Kot nekatere veste znamke kot so Barry M, China glaze in Konad pri nas niso na voljo v nobeni navadni trgovini. Tako, da ko sem videla njihove akcijske cene sem jih morala takoj naročiti, ker sem trenutno zaljubljena v krem barve.

First here is Barry M Blueberry Ice cream. It is a light blue an almost pastel tone. This is one thick coat without a top coat. The formula is quite liquid and simple to apply.

Prva je Barry M Blueberry Ice cream. Je svetlo modra, ki je skoraj pastelnega odtenka. Tu je ena debela plast, brez nadlaka. Formula je tekoča in preprosta za nanašanje.

This is China glaze Starboard. It's a perfect green that reminds me of grass. It has a soft creamy finish. This is a thick one coat with top coat.

To je China glaze Starboard. Je popolna zelena, ki spominja na travo. Ima mehak - kremast finiš, na sliki je debela ena plast z nadlakom.

Tu je China glaze Lemon fizz. Gre za pastel rumeno, ki ima prav tako mehak krem finiš. Tu sta 2 plasti z nadlakom.

This is China glaze Lemon fizz. It's a pastel yellow creme color. This are 2 coats with top coat.

And last but not least we have the Konad White. I have been using Essence stamp me!white until now but the bottles are very small and they dry out quickly. So I did the ultimate test and stamped it over black base. It worked perfectly and it was well worth the money :) And how pretty are the bottle details?

In na koncu je tu še Konad White. Do sedaj sem uporabljala Essence stamp me!white, toda flaške so zelo majhne in se hitro izsušijo. Tu sem naredila največji test in štempljala z belo preko črne podlage. Odlično je delovalo in vredno nakupa :) In kako lepi so detajli na flaški?

This was an awesome buy. Be careful of their discount offers becouse the products are great and unique since we can't just walk into a store and buy them - at least not where I am from :)

To je bil super nakup, bodite pozoni na akcije na strani, ker izdelki so res super, unikatni in ker se ne da nikjer sprehoditi v trgovino in jih kupiti - vsaj ne pri nas :)


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