Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wilfred nails

I joined the She who does nail art challenges group on FB a while back. And this weeks theme is inspired by a TV-show. My current obsession is the show Wilfred. It's a show about a guy (Elijah Wood) who is the only one who sees his next doors ht neighbours dog as a man dressed in cheap dog costume. If that is not crazy enough Wilfred the dog is a crazy sociopath with a drinking, smoking and fucking habit of a dirty old sailor. One of the funny parts is that Elijah Wood who in my eyes is an epic actor due to me being a big LOTR fan - he is here  a completely average person *no magical creatures feet at all*. And damn is he hot - thou he is shorter then me there is something about those blue eyes that is hypnotising.
The show is hilarious and a bit vulgar so OFC I love it. Most of my friends don't so let's hope some of you my lovely nail friends will like it :)

And here are my Wilfred inspired nails. The base is gray as his dog costume with some Barry M Confetti's on top to give it that dirty look. The accent finger is yellow because well dogs pee on yellow water hydrants and I added a coat of neon blue Barry M Confetti's because I was hypnotised by Elijah Wood's big blue eyes of a similar color :) I am in love with this look  <3 <3 <3

Here is Wilfred promo poster <3

The accent finger has the gradient made with Catrice LE Vanilla love and Earnie & birdy, over it I added Barry M Bubblegum. The other have the gradient made with Catrice London's weather forecast and Essence Gray-t to be here, over it I added Barry M Liquorice.

I am in love with the Barry M Confetti bottle caps :)

Here is the same look before I realised it would look way better with a gradient :)

Did you ever watch Wilfred?


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  1. I'm obsessed with Wilfred too. And Elijah.These are great!


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