Sunday, August 11, 2013

TNCC: Week #2 vs. LoL mani Karma the Enligtened one

Damn I would need some enlightenment, meditation and calming chanting right now. My life is getting more and more hectic and Karma is in the game League of legends a spiritual leader just the girl I need when I am channeling my frustration on my game enemies :) And she is a support champion meaning a healer and supporter of other stronger players - story of my life :)

One of her skins is a Sun goddess one and I am in love with my new Cheeky Viva Mexico stamping plate and Essence LE Tribal summer collection so this look is the perfect storm of tribal awesomeness :)

It got smudged a bit but I don't care I am in love with this look!!! Now off to kick ass on LoL with this epic Karma nails :)

Sun Goddess Karma 

The base on the accent finger is Barry M Ridley road, on the others a gradient made with Essence LE Ta-la-ra and S-he no. 002. The stamps are Cheeky jumbo plate Viva Mexico. The stamping colors are Essence stamp me!Black and Catrice Hugo moss.

Karma was my inspiration for this weeks TNCC challenge themed: Around the world. I am making nails just they are around the world of League of Legends. And Karma comes from the land of Ionia which is governed by the pursuit of enlightenment and spiritual growth. So it's covered with temples and all the champions from there are monks and spirits.

Karma quote:
''I have seen two paths and made another in between.''



  1. I LOVE all your nerdy game nails. I don't play these games but you make me want to =3

    1. thank you ;) if you are interesed it's very easly accesible and downloadable on their offical web page :)


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