Friday, August 23, 2013

Star wars: Darth maul

I am a part of Llama nails FB group :) They have some nice relay laid back challenges and one of them is Nerd nails. And today it's Star wars day. *Plx don't judge me* I only saw the last 3 movies and I only kind off liked them but the thing that stuck with me the most was Darth Maul. I love his make up and eyes so much and don't get me started on the weapon :)

So here are my Darth Maul nails. I am in love with this look :)

Here is his picture in case there are people out there who know even less about Star wars then me :) I honestly I am bad nerd when it comes to Sci fi stuff :)

For this look I used p2 Fever as base. Everything is free had drawn with Essence Tribal summer black tip painter. The eyes are made with Essence stamp me!white, Catrice Red and Earnie & Birdie.

Who was your favorite character from Star wars?



  1. These turned out great! The eyes are so scary too!

  2. Super, še posebne za take Star Wars geeke kot sem jaz :D Res hudo izgleda tole :)


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