Monday, August 12, 2013

Nails of the sea

I went to Pula for my summer vacation this year. I am in love with that place - lovely restaurants, lots of sea  creatures in the sea and a town to shop like crazy near by :) So here are some of my vacation photos and the nails I wore.

So if like me you are to broke to get a lovely new tattoo for the summer just cheat and tattoo your nails :) Just before I went to my vacation I got the Essence Tribal summer polishes so this were my nails for week. The base is Essence Ta-la-ra and Na-rock as accent finger base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and A43. Over it I added Essence Glorious Aquarius. I am in love with this look :)

My BF took me to a classy restaurant near the marina named Ribarska koliba - meaning the Fisherman's hut. The place is super classy they even have lobsters in tanks. They looked so evil I had to take a picture of them. Each year we go to the sea he takes me to black risotto (made with squid ink) and this years was delicious.

I love food that matches the color of my soul :)
And all around Pula all kinds of cute candy shops started to spring up. Here are pictures of 2 different ones. One pirate themed with candy in barrels and treasure boxes. And another more classy one with these big urns full of candy. An interesting concept but I like ice-cream more in such hot days :)

And here is my haul from Croatia. Smart girls get more is a brand I never seen anywhere before so I took a few. I only kept 3 and all the others will go to my local blogger friends and my swapping buddies :)

And here are some more pictures of my awesome tatted nails <3

Where did you go for your summer vacation?


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  1. I went to Cuba back in May! I like black pasta too, I ordered it not knowing what it was but it was delicious! It's cute you guys have a tradition =3

    Your nails look great too! Love this post =3


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