Friday, August 30, 2013


I decided to make my giveaway last 20 more days :) Don't ask why I was in a rare good mood - so all you lovely dolls who haven't entered it go for it !!!

The giveaway is international and full of rare Catrice and Essence Limited edition polishes crowned with a Perfect holographic polish. There will be two winners :)

All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below :)

Here are the prices and some pictures from their promos :) They remind me why I love these brands so much - they relay think of great Limited editions <3

Price no. 01

Price no. 02

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And on this LINK you can see the exact names of the polishes in the giveaway.

*All these items were purchased by me*

And don't forget to let me know what you would like to see for the next giveaway :)


Catrice Eve in bloom polish swatches

I was lucky enough to get the last 2 remaining polishes from Catrice Limited edition Eve in bloom collection. I just took them because there was nothing left and boy did I struck gold. These 2 are so pretty I decided to make a rare swatch/review post :)

This is Floralilac it's a fuchsia or orchid purple with a light purple at times almost lavender strong shimmer. This is a two coat swatch with no top coat. Somehow the shimmer is better seen in the bottle then on the nail. But that is a signature Catrice polish trait :)

And this is Bloomynous it's a type of light camel/tan/sand/nude color with a golden shimmer. This is a two coat swatch with no top coat. But it makes good coverage in one coat (which is rare for a Catrice) and yes you guessed it! it's great for stamping :)

I love purple polishes a lot but this time this tan majestic one is definitely my favorite <3

Damn I love Catrice promo pictures <3

Did you manage to get anything from this collection?


Haul post

Here is my past few months haul - I am on a no buy. I only get stuff for swaps and HTF or LE polishes :) I still am not saving much money :) But from most hauls I already gave a lot of polish away to my swapping buddies or RL friends - that's how I feel better about myself :)

Recently I was very blessed when I met a few lovely Canadian ladies who supplied me with my biggest lemmings Color club Holos!!! Thank you all :)

A lovely friend of mine was visiting the USA and this is what he brought me :) One of my biggest lemmings couz I am obsessed with skulls :)

Ana my dear friend was spending her holidays in Germany and this is what she brought back for me :)

I spend a week in Pula (Croatia) and this is what I brought back - I kept only 3 of them :) Guess which ones

This is the entire Catrice LE collection miss Hysteria got for me - if you are interested in swatches check out this LINK she did amazing swatches :)

Here are some random LE and HTF (at least where I live) polishes I bought by myself for myself :)

Catrice Eve in bloom LE - review incoming :)

Here are the awesome Great Gatsby inspired earrings <3

I got these very cheap hair chalks so get ready for hair pictures in the future :)

And my phone went through a make over :)

Did you buy something nice for yourself these days?


Thursday, August 29, 2013

TNCC week #4: LoL Thresh the Chain Warden

So the last place in this around the world challenge are the Shadow isles - the the dark spooky place where all the monsters and creepy crawlies live in the game League of Legends. The latest product from that place is Thresh. He is full of chains and carries a lantern in which he collects souls. All the green glow are the captured souls living inside him. A very Halloween champion if you ask me. He is fun to play and somehow the creators deemed him to be a support champion - even thou he is very evil :) Also during the game everything you kill leaves a soul and you must collect it - reminds me so much of every other video game where you must collect stuff from the ground :)

Thresh the Chain Warden

For this look I used OPI Solitaire, Essence Crack me white, Glisten up, China glaze for Audrey, Barry M Silver foil, Ridley road, Ulta3 Mojito, Catrice Ashley, Steel my heart, Depend no. 5011. And stamps made with LO01, MJ XIV, BM12, D6.

Shadow isles
The pinkie is supposed to represent the keys he is carrying, the ring finger is his face, the middle finger are the chains and the index finger are the stamps of souls. Some how everything got very shiny and most details are hard to see. But I still love the gray and turquoise combination :)

Thresh quote:
''What is the worth of the soul?''


Sunday, August 25, 2013

TNCC week#3 LoL mani Draven the Glorious Executioner

So the TNCC challenge is still Around the world - so this week it's Noxus for me. It's the land where all the evil guys live in the League of Legends game :) So obviously all the hot guys live there :) One of my biggest crushes is Draven - he is a total douche bag and in love with himself . . . But for a good reason his weapons, tattoos and skills are awesome :) Thou for me personally I have big problems with playing him because I can't seem to get the technique of paying him - it requires to throw and catch his axes - proves way to complicated for me. But my BF is a pro at Draven play so this nails are from him :)
Here are some nails inspired by Draven he truly represents Noxus and all the baddies there :)

This is Draven - damn you gotta love that smile - you can see all the inspiration for the look :)
Draven the Glorious executioner

For this look I used Essence Ta-la-ra as the nude base. The gradient is made with Catrice Steel my heart (the same as mustaches), Color of honor and Zoya Chyna. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!white and black. The plate is A43 and I added some spikes like he has on his bracelets. I love how his mustaches and spikey grin turned out :)


Favorite Draven quote:

''Welcome to the league of Draven''


Friday, August 23, 2013

Star wars: Darth maul

I am a part of Llama nails FB group :) They have some nice relay laid back challenges and one of them is Nerd nails. And today it's Star wars day. *Plx don't judge me* I only saw the last 3 movies and I only kind off liked them but the thing that stuck with me the most was Darth Maul. I love his make up and eyes so much and don't get me started on the weapon :)

So here are my Darth Maul nails. I am in love with this look :)

Here is his picture in case there are people out there who know even less about Star wars then me :) I honestly I am bad nerd when it comes to Sci fi stuff :)

For this look I used p2 Fever as base. Everything is free had drawn with Essence Tribal summer black tip painter. The eyes are made with Essence stamp me!white, Catrice Red and Earnie & Birdie.

Who was your favorite character from Star wars?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review for Click2chic

Here is another review for the lovely Slovenian firm This time I got a package of Deborah milano polishes and Models own nail beads. I love the shades that they send me they are such lovely fall colors. So let's get this review going! Also this post will be in Slovenian since the brand is local :)

Tu je še en pregled izdelkov iz krasne Slovenske firme Tokrat sem dobila paketek, ki je vseboval Deborah milano lake in Models own perlice za nohte. Všeč so mi odtenki, ki so mi jih poslali saj so super barve za jesen. Torej začnimo to ocenjevanje! :)

The first shade is Deborah milano Purple beat which is a dark lavender purple creme. It's opaque in two coats. It also includes a gold bronze shimmer. On the picture there is no top coat.

Prvi odtenek je Deborah milano Purple beat, ki je temno lavender vijolična creme barva. Prekrivna je v dveh plasteh. Vsebuje tudi zlato - bronast lesk. Na sliki brez top coata.

The other shade is Deborah milano Afterhours. It's the perfect color for the up coming fall season. It's a typical army green. It's a dark olive green that is opaque in 2 coats. It does not have any shimmer and it's a perfect creme. No top coat on the picture.

 Druga barva je Deborah milano Afterhours. Je popolna trend barva za jesenko sezono! Tipična vojaško zelena barva. Gre za temno olivno zeleno, ki postane prekrivna v dveh plasteh. Ne vsebuje nič bleščic in je kreme narave. Na sliki brez top coata.

So here is some simple gradient I did with the two polishes and I love it :) The I added some Models own nail beads because I wanted to do some 3D nail art but not use the beads in a traditional way. So this is what I came up with. After making the gradient I added a coat of Seche Vite top coat then I added the beads one by one. Unfortunately like all the other beads looks this one lasted only a few hours before they started to fall out. But I think that is normal and if I wanted to keep them a while longer I should have used some type of nail glue. I still love this nail look because of the great contrast that is created between the light colored beads and the dark gradient.

Tako sem naredila preprost gradient iz teh dveh lakov in sem naudušena :) Dodala sem nekaj Models own perlic za nohte, ker sem želela 3D nohtke, hkrati pa nisem želela perlic uporabiti na tradicionalen način. Ko sem končala gradient sem oddala plast Seche Vite top coata in potem sem dodala perlice eno po eno. Žal tako, kot ostali nothi z perlicami so tudi te trajali le nekaj ur preden so začele odpadati. Toda zdi se mi da je to normalno in da če bi želela, da ostanejo dlje bi morala uporabiti neke vrste lepilo za nohte. Vseeno mi je všeč kontrast med svetlimi perlicami in temnim gradientom.

So to all my Slovenian readers don't forget to visit if you want some lovely Models own and Deborah products :)

Tako vsi moji Slovenski bralci ne pozabite obiskati če želite kakšen Models own in Deborah produkt :)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Instagram nails

YAY I am finally part of the young world :) It took me forever to get the right phone and my Instagram account set up - but now here it is :) So in celebration of this and of my new Catrice L'Afrique c'est chic collection I made these happy nails.
I wanted to use the colors that are used in the Instagram logo with my new Catrice textured nails with some stamps :)

I relay like these nails - they seem so happy :) And don't forget to follow me on instagram - from the link HERE or click the link on the right side of the blog :)

For this look I used 3 coat of each of the Catrice polishes so I could get a good textured look. From left to right they are Rouge, Bien sur, Quel bleu turquoise, So classy, Sunny side. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and MJ XIV.

Here all all the pretties in a row. My dear doll Miss Hysteria swatched them HERE don't forget to check it out :)
Damn I love the bottle design on these :)

Did you manage to snag any of the Catrices from this line?


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday stamping: Death to all the mermaids

So this weeks Sunday stamping theme is do what ever you want. And the other day I bought blue camouflage leggings - and my BF asked me why would I need neon blue leggings? And I answered to kill all the mermaids. LOL I don't even know why I was in love with Ariel when I was a kid :)
Well it became a lovely joke between us so this nails are an escalation of that. I wanted to make a blue glitter gradient and it turned out great :) I used the leggings that started all this as the backgroun.

Needless to say I am in love with this look :)

I used Essence stamp me!black as base and made the glitter gradient with Essence Cool breeze and Alessandro Punk crystal top coat. The stamp is BM04 and Essence stamp me!white.

Here are the nails before the stamps :) I think they look great on their own :)

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