Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TTPNC: Day #1 Blue, Blue and Green

OK tri-polish challenge time again :) And this month I did them all according to the same theme and with the same stamping plate. So my extra theme is according to summer time - DRINKS! So get ready for a month  of refreshing drink nails :)

So my choices for this month are all neon *Not the bright traditional neon*:
Green - Catrice I'm not a greenager
Blue - Ulta3 Blue Marlin
Blue - Ruby kisses Blues clues
Stamping plate - MJ XIV

And today's nails are Absolute vodka inspired, since vodka is in a lot of summer cocktails it fits perfectly in this drinks theme :) Yummy :)



  1. wow...... awesome...lets have a bottom up for this........ ;) :D

  2. LOVE THIS. I am a massive fan of the ol' vodka, I love these nails Gin. AMAYZING!!!! <3

  3. Hehehe, these are fun! And that's a pretty cool stamping plate.

  4. Haha this is great! :) And you've reminded me that I need some Citron! :)


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