Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super late Sunday Stamping: Birthstone - Amethyst and nail mail

I am so late for this challenge but I was crazy busy and simply had no time to post anything thou I did this mani on time :(

Well no matter my sign is Aquarius it's stone is Amethyst and damn sometimes things just work in my life when  I am assigned a lovely stone in my favorite color :)

The base is Catrice Purple royal and Essence LE Tipi ya yeah as accent nail. Over them all I put my new OPI Lights of Emerald city. I stamped it all with Barry M Silver foil and stamps BM09 and m77.

I relay like the look only not the m77 stamp becouse somehow it got so smudged :)

And here is my recent nail mail I got from the epic Bec the owner of nailgunxs and maker of her own polish line Arcane :) Check it out now :)


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